Speakers crackling on new system

Whenever I play music, my speakers will crackle. They never used to do this. It is a new system and all speaker sonnections are good. I am using 14 gauge wire. Is there a reason why this happens?

Bad ground and bad connections come to mind.

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I thought about that. I’ll try and get a better ground tomorrow

It is a new system

Is the new system OEM if not it may be pushing to many amp’s through the OEM speaker’s?

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Do both channels have the same issue? Use the balance control to see if you can isolate the problem to one channel. Speakers can be damaged by causing them to distort, even new ones. I think you are more likely to have trouble with the speakers than the amplifier.

It is a boss audio b550

Yes, all speakers have this issue. I Even disconnected all of the other speakers and used just one. Distorts at a higher volume than before, but it still distorts. Wondering if I need an amp to push out a little more power to the speakers.

It seems the output for this unit is spec’d at 50 watts so you should be able to drive whatever speakers you have. You may need speakers that can handle higher power.

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Do the speakers crackle at low volumes? If they do, it’s not because of the speakers being unable to handle the new amp.

Are these new speakers? Do all of them crackle?

Is this a factory Bose system with a Bose amplifier and you added a new head unit only? When you say new system, you need to identify what is new and what, if anything is being reused.

Most factory speakers will only handle about 12 watts max and will not last very long with a new higher powered head unit.

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It appears that this is an off-brand by the name of “Boss”.

Oops, still getting used to my new eyes (cataract surgery).

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Just how many amps are car stereo speakers rated for?

Asking for a friend.

What we need is to know exactly what this ‘new’ system is.

Did you reuse any part of the original system?

What was the original system?

Many stock systems have built in amplifiers that are often buried out of sight.

If you don’t bypass it, and connect high powered components to this amp by mistake, you would definitly get distortion, even at low volume levels.

I probably would have used 18 gauge wires or even 20 gauge. That would be sufficient to reach the back speakers. I don’ know how many ohms your speakers are rated for, 5 ohms seem to be the norm in new cars.

Have you removed at least one of the speakers and taken a good look at it? Whatever your new system puts out may not be supported by your speakers and possibly damaged them. if you cranked the volume too high when you first turned it on.

Is this happening only when the motor is running?

If grounds are ok likely a design shortcut and only soln is a better system. Make sure radio and speakers are well groundrd 2 ignition ground