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Bogging down

I have a problem with acceleration once my truck reachs complete operating temp. If you try to accelerate quickly all you get is nothing. It seems as if either it’s starving for oxy or fuel. I’ve ran a code scanner but nothing major came up. I’ve replaced the MAP sensor,TPS,plugs,Dist cap, rotor,ANd yet it still bogs down. Also I replaced the fuel pump(elec),fuel filter. This seems to happen when the outside tempture is in the 80,s or higher and when the engine reachs around 2100 RPM.

Sounds like a plugged exhaust.

Time to stop throwing parts at it and start doing some diagnosis.

First, what year is it.

Second, have you actuually checked the fuel pressure? Have you checked the spark?

My money is on the coil pack, mainly because it’s common for a coil to become heat sensitive. But if it were me I’d want to actually look at the spark and see if it’s becoming intermittant before changing any parts.

Thanks for the advice. I really appreciate it. By the way it,s a 1986 Ranger XLT. I have checked the fuel pressure also. I was wondering if a O/2 sensor could be the culprit. I’ll be doing the spark test today and I’ll post my results.