Body swap!

they can build it any way you want. just takes money and time. call them and find out

This exterior look modified, wheels are 20s, and look like they did a lot of body shaping on this one. I’m asking if is possible to put 67 body without changing the shape of it on the 6generation Camaro with keeping of all the modern technologies. Probably is impossible otherwise will be already out there, I’m pretty sure someone already have crazy idea lie this.

Thanks man; Reason for this idea is that I saw post some ware, someone from Illinois was doing this keeping exact body of 67…… I can’t find the post anywhere. Yepa because he probably realize that can’t be done!!! F…. but will be great for everyday driving. AC, bluetooth lololo

I thought you wanted 67, why show us a 68 ?


Close enough :wink: same body I just found this quick

No man not even close, I love my Camaro, but I was born 67 and the original Camaro body is awesome. But if someone can pull this off it could be awesome not just for everyday driving but business wise…. thank You for all Your info’s. There is nothing where you google so probably no one did anything like that.

I agree 100%. It’s one of my all time favorites, even more than the '65 Mustang that was my first car.

I can’t imagine a conversion like this really looking that good. I have seem some of the C4 Corvettes that had been made to look like the original 1953 Corvette . Underwhelming is all I can think of.

That’s the problem with trying to put an old body on a new chassis - the proportions don’t work:


The new Camaro is wider, longer, the wheelbase is different, the windsheild and firewall are in different places, the dimensions don’t line up.

The more you insist what you want, the more ridiculous the task gets. Give it up, not even a half million dollars will create what you want.

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There are probably shops that can do this, i know of one here in Washington that melded a ferrari 360 drivetrain into a Rambler wagon, better known as Ferrambo which i’ve seen in person and it’s obvious it was a cost no object build with the intent of winning the Riddler award. They’ve also built a VW bus on Subaru WRX running gear and interior, although the dash and console look a little strange in the VW.

So You did some research, thanks maybe one day some one will still my idea; will that be awesome???

Ok I finally found something, but I think this is someone from Germany or Austria, but I think this is Camaro over Camaro. O and I’m not trying to waste anyone time I that this is the blog with people who really knows about cars! This blog come up first on google!!??

the rims are definetly from newer camaro ss

This is getting ridiculous Mr. JC . You are well on your way to being a Troll .


I think he already passed that point. :upside_down_face:


Leno (actually his garage staff) also converted a first generation Toronado to RWD on a Corvette chassis.

60s era Mustangs are being built, all modern running gear and Coyote engines, all new parts. Licensed by Ford, start at $175,000.
Maybe someone, somewhere is doing the same with Camaros.

But those “new” Mustangs are being built on the old body/chassis design, not the new Mustang’s chassis.

I just checked out the company I think you’re talking about, Revology. Now $200,000 - $300,000, they’re kind of the ultimate resto-mod, lots of modern components (engine, trans, brakes, suspension) under the old Mustang skin.

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See, here’s the problem. You asked a question. You were told how it could be done. You didn’t want to do it that way. You wanted to just unbolt the body from the old Camaro and bolt it to the frame of the new one. You were told that won’t work, and why it won’t work, but you didn’t accept the answer.

It’s not our fault that you kept going past the stop sign.