Can this car be sold?

if any one remembers my recent query about how i can get more time out of my car with the cracked cylinder, i am now ready to sell it. i intend to be completely honest about it’s issues with any prospective buyers. my question is will there even be any prospective buyers for my '97 camaro w/ 80,000m in otherwise good condition but with that major issue. and how much should i start the bidding at? i’m completely clueless. any input would be greatly appreciated.

Might just want to junk it, or put it up on craigslist for $200.

You can get ~13c/lb today for that car, which weighs…3300# or so? That’s $430.

If it still moves under its own power, drive it down with title in hand–walk out w/ 4 Benjamins.

It’s possible, especially if you live in a rust state and the body is in good shape, that you might find someone who wants a rolling chassis to drop an engine into. I’d find the local Camaro club and see.