BMW X1 Service is due


I’ve got a 2018 BMW X1 that was last serviced about a year ago. Because of COVID and self quarantining the car has been very lightly driven since then. I show that while the next service is due timewise, I am still 7000 miles short on when would need to take car in. Should I take the car in to be serviced anyway or can I stand to wait a while longer and get a little closer to the mileage requirement before I go. The computer in the car says I am due for an oil change.

I’d love to hear people’s thoughts.

Does “servicing” always include an oil change? I’m inclined to think that it may call for servicing when the tires are due for rotation and they do not do an oil change at that time. Depending on the algorithm used by the computer, I’m also inclined to do an oil change if the computer calls for it.

If you are going to a dealer for the service, wear a face mask and keep your distance. Make sure they wear theirs and they disinfect the vehicle after the service. Most dealers are doing this now. It should be safe to get it serviced.

Take it in so you will not take a chance on voiding your warranty . There is a reason for the service recommendations that state xxxx miles or xx months .


Then pay attention to it and GET an oil change. You car knows better than you do. I’d be willing to bet your owners manual say oil changes are required at 7000 miles or 12 months… whichever comes first. There is no ambiguity in that statement.

Short trips add acids to the oil as well as absorbing moisture from the air. That’s why a 12 month limit is required.

Car engines are very expensive. Oil changes are not.


You can always ignore it and void your warranty.