1991 bmw 320sei

hi my bmw started fine.then as i was driving it cut out. it took 5 minutes to get it started.
now it fires up for 30 seconds or so then cuts out.

today it wouldnt start at all and i cant hear the fuel pump priming when i turn rhe ignition on

please help.

I suggest checking the fuel pump relay as shown here:

hi mate i should have put the relay is clicking on when key is turned and the fuse for the fuel pump is fine too

CLICKING IS HALF THE STORY…when you hear that click…there are two contact points that are trying to carry a current…if those points are burned or corroded they cant let the “juice” flow to the pump…you can swap a similar relay in…or just pop the cover off of yours and use a match pack striker to gently buff the points…instead of emery cloth…which you prob dont have.

You can also pull the relay and put a wire into the holes where terminals 87 and 30 went in…this would be YOU making the connection to the FP and not the relay…Grab a multimeter if you really want the whole story also… You should also have a matching relay in your fuse box…swap them…

You can also have an assistant KICK your fuel tank upon key on… sometimes “jogs” a lazy FP in the tank…and then it remembers to run again…

All good things Grasshopper…all good things