BMW M4 Gran Coupé

I saw about to months ago on CarBuzz that there was going to be a M version of the brand-new 2015 BMW M4 Gran Coupé. I was quite excited because the new 4-series Gran Coupé is so nice looking. But, when I got on CarBuzz today BMW has evidently changed their minds and is not going to make one. So that means if the M4 Coupe is too impractical for you than you’ll have to settle for a 2015 BMW M3 Sedan. That’s no hardship though! What do you think?

For people who don’t want 4 doors, the more coupes the better. I think they have cleaner and sportier lines. The new “4-door coupes” are IMHO a joke.
EDIT: What I meant was the term “4-door coupe” is a joke. The M4 Gran Coupe is a good looking 4-door sedan.

I think if you like the M3 and can afford it you should buy it and enjoy it. You can only choose from what they have to offer.

The car mags all say BMW is changing their numbering system anyway, but the badge means nothing to me anyway, only the car. For me, that’s true of all cars.

M4 means M-series to me. The M4 is powered by a twin turbo V6 putting out 425HP at 406 ft-lbs of torque. The 2014 M3 V8 puts out 414HP at 295 ft-lbs of torque. The 2015 M3 uses the same engine as the M4. Looks like the M4 is, as advertised, an M-series car.

I know you meant inline-6…
And there’s the M4 coupe (2-door), but I haven’t heard of an M4 Gran Coupe (4 door) yet. Crazy names…

While too rich to own for my blood, I don’t think there’s a prettier 4 door car than an Aston Martin Rapide S. A casual glance often leaves the impression that it’s a 2 door; which are stunningly beautiful on their own.

Yes, the Rapide is a beauty, but apparently its rear accommodations are not so hot. The seats are skimpy and headroom is limited. It is a shame they won’t offer an M4 Gran Coupe. I agree the 4-door coupe idea is stupid, but the BMW is a very pretty sedan, whatever they may call it. Just as the first generation CLS was incredibly striking. When it gets stupid is when the rear headroom is so skimpy adults can’t sit back there. The new Mercedes CLA is like that. Such a pretty little car, wrecked by a droopy roofline.

Thanks for the reminder @texases. I have 2 V6s around the house and instinctively go for the “V” when I think of six cylinders. And if the Gran Coupe is a 4 door, I’ve just had an Emily Litella moment!

“the Rapide is a beauty, but apparently its rear accommodations are not so hot. The seats are skimpy and headroom is limited”

Well, now I will just have to cross it off of my shopping list!


A lot of cars are skimpy on the rear leg room. I’ve ridden in the back seat of my daughter’s 2005 Mustang with knees about chest level and both feet canted sideways.

The only back seat that I can honestly say that I’ve ridden in with total comfort is my Lincoln Mark and it’s a 2 door. If the front seats are edged about 2 inches forward it’s great in every aspect.
Usually about 30 miles in the back seat of anything and I’m waving a white flag… :frowning:

From what I’ve found elsewhere the expected sales numbers wouldn’t be enough to make it worth doing. The M3 serves the sedan market just fine.