Bmw 740i - 2002

Hi, I have a BMW 740I that has over 200,000 miles on the clock, I have noticed in the past couple of day that the check engine light when I turn on the ignition that it flashes then becomes still, does anyone know what the problem could be, and if it is safe to drive?

Not sure how BMW indicators work but usually a blinking check engine indicator means there’s something wrong with the engine that affects drivability. On other cars it can indicate a pretty serious condition.
A steady light can mean a misfire, bad o2 mixture, etc - something more benign.
I’d get it checked asap.

I think you should take it and get the codes read at the local parts place and post any codes. Like for example P0302.

Most autoparts stores will scan your cars computer and read the stored trouble codes at no charge. You can look up what the code(s) mean yourself or post them back here and we can kick them around…If the CEL flashes when you are driving, that is something serious and requires immediate attention. If it just stays on, you should at least have the codes read so you know what is causing the problem…

The light only flashes for a few seconds then becomes steady. I actually did call AutoZone and they told me that due to some California law that they are not allowed check out the check engine problems anymore.

Until you get the codes read there’s really nothing we can do.

You can buy a OBD-2 to USB adapter cable and a free diagnostic program and read the codes yourself with any laptop computer…They probably have hardware/software for I-Pads by now…Check eBay for this stuff. Paying a shop $80 just to “run diagnostics” is highway robbery…

I agree with Caddy. Normally on this forum we suggest that you bring it to autozone or advance to get the codes read for free, but If you can’t get that done in CA, you may want to look into getting yourself a reader. Not that you may want to start wrenching on your own car but they are pretty cheap and will help you be an informed consumer.

I appreciated everyone’s input on this unfortunate situation, and hope to rectify it soon.

Thank you

Flashing check engine light = misfire severe enough to possibly damage the catalytic converter

Continue driving at the cat’s peril