BMW 530i Electrical Issues


2001 530i, auto, 90K miles, owned for 18 months.

Seems to have random electrical glitches that affects the right side mirror, windows, locks. Sometimes they work as designed, but more and more frequently they work intermittently.

Sometimes it acts as if possessed, acting on its own, other times being dimwitted and slow to react. Independent repair shop flashed the general controller which fixed it for 2 days, then it got worse than before.

Do i need a new controller or is there a relay/short circuit gremlin at work?

Everytime I flashed a module and the fix did not stick that car came right back, I think you should do the same but I do not agree the additional repairs should be free. It is very important when working on any problem,espically an electrical one on a BMW for a TSB check to be made. Any shop capable of flashing general modules knows this but I will still ask,was a TSB check done?