Power Steering


I took my car to the shop to have then install, balance, and align 4 new tires. My car is a 2004 Cadillac SRX. When I got the car back, I immediately noticed that it was very hard to turn the wheel, especially at slow speeds (like parking). I took the car back to the shop, and they said that my power steering fluid was empty. They then added power steering fluid, but the problem persisted. My wife then took the car into the shop, and they told her that the power steering system would have to be replaced - for $600. The dealership claims that the timing of my power steering problems is entirely coincidental, even though it occured immediately after the tire install, balance, and alignment. Question: Could the work that they performed have effected the power steering system, or are my problems only a coincidence?


An alignment should not have affected the power steering system. None of the adjustments in any way breeches the integrity of the power steering system. For $600 I’m guessing that they’re changing the rack???

I’d take it to an independent shop for a second opinion. It may truely be a simple coincidence, but something doesn’t sound right here.


After fluid was added could you see a leak? Any spots in your driveway?.You drove to the dealer with no power steering concern picked up the car and now you need power steering repairs?