BMW 320D ES any1 aving problems?

Hi, I bought a BMW 320 D ES 6 months ago on a 53 plate, it broke down 2 days ago. The problem a swirl flap on the inlet manifold got sucked in2 the engine - Result - I need a new engine. ?5,000 4 new engine + labour costs not to mention what I have already spent on labour to diagnose it. Apparantly this is happening to alot of BMW owners,BMW are aware of this fault but not willing to pay up, any1 had a similar problem. I’m gutted! A very costly exercise in not doing my research properly b4 I bought the car. Thanx

What year, what milage?

Hi, It’s an 03, with 70,000 miles on the clock with full service history

We don’t have 320D’s in the states. BMW will begin importing the first diesel since 1985 this spring, and we won’t be getting any 4 cylinders then either.