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2007 BMW 320 Wobbles when I step on the gas


Hi ,
I am having a problem with my BMW 320D. so i dont know if its if i go past a certain rev or just the speed im going so basically everytime i press the gas down my car starts to wobble and the gearstick starts to shake with it, if there is any ideas please let me knwo thankyou

Sounds like broken motor mount(s), transmission mount, or all mounts.

thanks for the reply mate is that an expensive fix if its all of the mounts?

No clue on the cost.

Morgan , you have several threads on this 320D BMW . I suspect that you are not in the US and I don’t think your vehicle was ever sold here . You admit you are limited on vehicle repair so why not just find an independent BMW shop and let them sort all these problems out . I assume they will charge a diagnostic fee but then you can decide what to fix now and what later.