2013 BMW 320 Decode request

We are getting error “Drivetrain malfunction” E12C1C error code

Any independent BMW shop around bay area near SFO ?

Try Google but a dealer might be a better choice just be ready to spend large dollars where ever you go with a BMW .


I don’t see that code mentioned for the 4 banger 2L turbo, BMW 320i. I’m guessing however it’s related to the variable valve timing function. Unless you have experience with an inde shop, this problem may require quite a bit of BMW expertise, & is probably best addressed by a BMW dealership shop. If you feel lucky you could try a routine oil and filter service, might help.

Maybe try this shop, found on a quick search but there’s probably others. They seem similar to a local shop that i’d take a BMW to if not the dealer.
Bay Motor Works BMW Repair Service San Francisco (bmwautorepairsf.com)

Oh oh, another of George’s stories … lol… I had a scientist-golfing friend who bought a BMW b/c he thought it would attract cute ladies. Nearly every time we’d go golfing he’d ask me to pick him up at the BMW service shop (where he’d take his car to check in for routine service beforehand), and then I take him back so he could pick up his car. It was right on the way so no trouble but I must have done this 20 times over the course of a couple of years. I got to wondering if he owned the car or the car owned him :slight_smile: I never saw any cute ladies riding w/him. He was good golfer, I paid for some of those services I expect on golf bets … lol …