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Bmw 320D car shaking


I have the BMW 320D and i am having an issue where if i press in the gas my car starts to shake then it shakes the gear stick and my car will not go any faster. i dont know if its when i rev it more it starts to happen but i drive sensible and it still shakes the whole car and sorry if this sounds very vague i can try and go into my detail.thankyou

Duplicate Post.

sorry mate?

low compression . . . ?

fuel delivery problem . . . ?

Let’s clarify something

You use the term “press in the gas”

Yet you say your car is a “BMW 320D” . . . which sounds like a diesel engine

does it ever get better, as the engine warms up . . . ?

sorry yeah it is a diesel it doesn tget better atall infact as ive drove more today it has got worse the shaking comes in at about 28mph in 2rd gear.thanks for the reply

manual transmission . . . ?

automatic . . . ?

manual mate