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Blowing fuses

I recently replaced the OME battery on my 2002 Honda S2000 with a new battery. Within a week the accessory socket fuse has blown 3 times; all 3 times within a minute of starting the engine. Never happened before. This fuse controls the radio and the cigarette lighter (nothing is plugged in to the lighter). Even happened when I used a 15A fuse (normally takes a 10A). Any idea how to diagnose and fix the problem?

Did you do the battery replacement or have it done by someone else? It isn’t likely the new battery has anything to do with the fuse problem. Something could have been damaged during the change. Check the wiring harness near the battery. Take a close look at the cigarette lighter socket. Sometimes an alternate power source is plugged in during a battery change to keep the electronics going while the battery is disconnected.