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Front HVAC fan blower switch

The first 3 speeds on my A/C fan switch stopped working. The 4th, highest speed still works. It’s loud and cold. I think it’s a fuse but I don’t know which one. There’s a fuse for HIGH BLOWER, but I can’t find the one for the 3 lower speeds. I looked at the fusee/relay bauy under the hood and in the cabin. Any one know which fuse it is? Thanks

The fuse should be ok becuase there is usually just one fuse involved to run the blower. The real trouble is most likely due to the speed control resistors being bad. The high speed doesn’t use any resistors so that speed is ok. Follow the wires back from the motor and they should lead you to the resistor block mounted on the air duct.

Probably the blower motor resistor, as Cougar says. Slight chance it’s the switch, but it’s not the fuse.

You may find that the blower speed resistor pack burned out due to the blower motor going bad (even though it still functions on high).
If the replacement resistor pack burns out after a few weeks/months, then replace the blower with the next replacement resistor pack.

Thanks guys. The internet is a wonderful thing…I followed some threads and learned alot about the blower motor resister in a very short time. I was looking in the wrong place. Changing the resister is the easy part. How difficult is it to change the blower motor? Once again thanks for the help.