Climate control fan

I have a 2005 Ford Freestyle. The climate control fan currently will not shut off or change speeds. It runs a full speed all the time the car ignition is on. I changed out the control module but didn’t help. Any suggestions

If your vehicle has automatic climate control there appears to be a solid state blower motor resistor. When these fail they can cause the blower to stay on high at all times.

Some cars have a,relay for high speed. If the,relay is stuck that could explain your problem.

If what you mean by “Control Module” is the the electronic controls in the dash, that control module sends a signal to the blower motor speed controller.

If the speed controller fails, the blower fan will run all the time.


That looks similar to the one in my Olds that went south. But in mine the fan would be on all the time, even when the car was shut off. Only way to get it off was pulling the fuse under the back seat.

If the blower controller has failed as mentioned it’s also possible that it failed because the blower motor is failing. When the blowers get some age on them the current draw increases dramatically and that means a lot of additional heat.
In some cases the blower controller connector will burn or even melt to some degree.

The current draw of the blower could be checked but it will require an ammeter of some sort.

The controller is bad. It’s mounted above the front passenger’s toes next to the blower motor.

Like the others have stated, the motor speed controller is really a power transistor that is regulated by the speed control circuit and is in series with the power for the motor. When the transistor shorts it allows battery power to get to the motor so it runs all the time. If the failure causes an open then no power gets to the motor and it can’t turn on.

Thank you all for your comments. I believe I now know what to do , replace the motor speed controller/blower motor resistor. Now I just need to find where Ford hid it.

As was said: “The controller is bad. It’s mounted above the front passenger’s toes next to the blower motor.”

Go to your Ford dealer to buy the part. The parts department will have a drawing of the blower system that should show you where the blower resistor is. If it is anything like my GM vehicles, it will be a bear to get at, but it can be done.

Follow the wires from the blower motor, they should tie to the speed module. It will be mounted on the air duct which uses the moving air to help cool the device.