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Where is the blower resister?

I need to replace the blower resister on my 1996 Dodge 2500 Van. I thot I had found it under the glove box but when I bought one it isn’t like the thing I am lookinmg at. My question is (where is the darned thing)?

It should be mounted on and penetrating into the ductwork right past the blower motor.

If your new one is an open coil of wire, it will be mounted INSIDE the heater duct so as to cool it…Look for the connector on the outside of the duct…

You are both correct, BUT neither of you guys said where to look. Behind the glove box, inside the van or under the hood? I am convinced it is behind the glove box, but they must have sold me the wronmg one.

It’s Supposed To Be On The Heater-A/C Housing That The Blower Fan Fits Into.


I still don’t know if it is inside the van or under the hood. The housing is accessible from either side.

Don’t Make Me Come Over There!

Just joking. Hey, you own stock in heater resistor blocks, don’t you?

Is your’s rectangular with screws holes on 2 opposite corners? Can you just follow a couple of little wires to it? My information doesn’t say if it’s under the hood or not, but it looks like it. Climb on in there.


The Stupid Info I’m Looking At Just Says The Wiring Harness Is On The “Inboard” Side Of The Housing.

Inboard as in Inboard of the truck? And why does it say the harness is inboard and doesn’t mention the resistor? Oh wait, you’re asking me.


The one I bought has holes on opposite corners but the thing I think is it has the screw holes parallel And there is 5 wires.

Inboard must mean on the inside. I guess I will have to take it out to see if it is indeed the resister.

The Part Possibly Needs 5 wires. My drawings can be Off.

Did you have any luck, yet?


The glove box requires removal to gain access to the blower motor resistor pack.


Yeah, I think you’re right, however the gloves box just slips out. The thing I see in there is NOT whar they sold me.

I have not replaced any blower resistor blocks on full sized Dodge vans, but I’ve done a few on Caravans and Voyagers. On those, you can see the side that the wires plug into under the hood. It’s on the passenger side. I figured I had to get to the other side by lowering the glove box out of the way, so I did the first one that way, pushing it out. Then I found that they just snap into place with the spring clips attached from the engine side. Now I know to squeeze the springs together while tugging lightly on the wires. Then I remove the wires and plug them into the new resistor before simply shoving it back into the hole in the air duct. If they full size van is the same way, you should be able to tell by looking at your new part. It’s a five minute job.

How about that Haynes Manual? It usually shows a picture. How about removing the one you see. If it resembles the one you bought in a vague sort of way and the blower doesn’t work like it did before you removed it, bring it to the store and exchange it for the right one.

Thanks everyone for your input. Thanks Tester, you actually told me what I wanted to know.

I finally decided it was behind the glove box, but they sold me the wrong one and it looks a lot different. I had it located all along. On further examination I found out the problem was the fan switch, we fixed it today, 7 03.

Elly, That Was Easy! Two Weeks Isn’t That Bad.