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Blower Doesn't Blow Air

I have a 1992 Cadillac Sedan DeVille with the Electronic Climate Control. Even after replacing the blower fan, it still doesn’t hardly blow any air, even though the blower fan is running hard. I took out the heater core to make sure that it wasn’t plugged up. All of the controls work fine (switching to defrost, etc), but it just doesn’t blow any air.

Any suggestions?

If the intake air ducting is not being restricked somehow then it sounds like the vent doors are in the incorrect position. Check them to see if they are working like they should be.

There might be a resistor @ the blower on this vehicle that needs to be changed.

It wouldn’t have a resistor, it has electronic speed control. He claims that the blow itself is running. The fan on the blower motor is slipping, the airflow is restricted by something, or the airflow is going to the wrong place(s). Does this model have a cabin air filter?

I have seen other cars (BMW E-36) with low air volume and the cause was a clogged cabin air filter.