At the risk of offending people…

Here’s the story:

My husband watched a young blond woman do this, today, at a local mega store:

She carefully unlocked the front passenger side door of her car, with her key. Then she slid across the seat & unlocked the front driver side door, from the inside. Then she slid back across the seat, got out of the passenger side, closed the door &


Husband enjoyed the show, since she (his words) was “worth watching, no matter what she was doing & her antics only made the show more entertaining.”


Slid across the seat to the driver seat (that’s hard to do in most cars today)? Or reached over to unlock the driver door.

Sounds like the driver door lock doesn’t work from the outside, if you ask me.


she probably did not slide completely across to the drivers side, her legs must have remained on the passenger side…otherwise she could have just driven off without exiting the car.


No, she was fully in the driver’s seat.


Your husband left out the part with the miniskirt.

Glad you enjoyed the story anyway.


No, he gave me a full description of the young lady’s outfit. I just left it out so I wouldn’t offend anyone more than I did with the “blond” comment.:slight_smile:
I’m not bothered by his looking at the girls.


There must be a problem with the door locks on this woman’s car, which she has not had repaired. I seriously doubt it had anything whatsoever to do with her hair color.

No one, not even a blond woman, would do this if there were not some compelling reason to do it. The driver’s door obviously would not unlock in a normal fashion, thus the “unusual” behavior.

Gender and/or hair color are not a factor here.


Maybe I didn’t state it clearly enough.
She was in the driver’s seat when she unlocked the door.
Right there, upright, behind the steering wheel.She had no reason to get out of the car, walk around to the driver’s side & get BACK into the car.

Oh…nevermind, guess you had to be there.


It’s an old joke. I’ve heard it before, probably right here on the “old” BBS.


It was not a “joke” it actually happened.


blond is actually spelled blonde


that depends on whether you are a blond man, or a blonde woman!


True story…

Many years ago I pulled into a mall marking lot. Just as I was getting out of my truck this beautiful 20 smoething blond got out of her car in front of me. She explained that she left her lights on and her car wouldn’t start and then said.

“Would you jump me???”

Now how could I pass that up???


The blonde’s vehicle probably didn’t have electric locks that could be activated by a key fob, since she could unlock the right door with a key. (I’ve been annoyed when I’ve had a rental car and the rental company does not supply the key fob, but there is no lock cylinder on the right door with electronic locks). It may have been that she found she could not unlock the left door from outside the car. She may have been testing to see that if she unlocked the door from the inside, the door on the left would be unlocked. In other words, she found she couldn’t unlock the left door from outside, but wanted to see if she could unlock it from the inside.