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Possible puzzler

A guy parks his car in a garage. Click, then Clack, being devious pranksters,park their cars so close to the first car’s doors that it is impossible to enter the car from the doors. Click and Clack are amazed when they arrive at their cars to discover the in-between car is gone.

How did the owner enter the car?

(only one real answer)

What is the make of the car?

(several answers)

Couldn’t it be a car with a gull-wing doors like a Delorean, a convertible, a car with an open sunroof or a hatchback or a station wagon or anything else with a rear door?

The facts should have been stated more definite. It is not a convertible, the doors are not gull wing, but normal doors, access through the trunk is not possible, and while it has a sun roof, the sun roof was closed when the owner locked the car as he left it. Click and Clack parked so close to it that the doors could not be opened.

There are in fact a multitude of answers.

Gull wing doors are a non-starter; who parks a DeLorean with the doors open? Jack, you might want to look into how those work.

CC came back and ruled out convertible, posited a sunroof, which eliminates an open top roadster.

You did not eliminate station wagon, which has no trunk, so that’s the easy answer. It should be pointed out that hatchbacks also have no trunk, so Jack has posited two solutions to the puzzle as posed.

I’m going to assume that when you say “car” you are eliminating “pickup truck” with a sliding rear window.

There are cars available with remote controlled sunroofs, so there’s another solution.

The guy parked in the middle had his car towed.

The guy parked in the middle was sloppy about using his parking brake and parked in neutral, so he pushed his car out.

One of the cars parked on the side was a VW Beetle or that Fiat we keep hearing about, and the middle parker got a group of guys to pick it up and move it.

I assume you are including windows when you say “impossible to enter the car through the doors” so I won’t offer a rolled down window as a solution.

Is the sliding door on a van considered a door? Is a van considered a car? I won’t offer that as a solution because there are so many others.

The middle car was parked on the lift.

Shall I continue?



Close. Without being able to access the interior by the rear (normally, trunk area) or sides (any doors), the only access would be through the sun roof, which, in some cars, can be opened by remote control. Voila <can’t find the accent key>.

This actually happened to me, except Click and Clack were not involved. I own an Acura and its remote allows all windows and the sun roof to open. So, I opened the sunroof (and all the windows at the same time, although opened windows did not help me), climbed into the car through the sun roof, and backed out of the space.

Oh, you’re right! I’m thinking of the ones that swing up and out, as opposed to the kind that fold out like the Delorean.

It should be noted that you have moved the finish line by changing “trunk” to “rear”. Nonetheless, one of my many valid answers solved the Puzzle as you intended it.

Pick up with a rear sliding window left cracked open for ventilation and a small flexible child.

Ed B.

One of these
Racing cars

* As a common door design on Group C, IMSA GTP cars in the 1980's and early 1990's and recently common on Daytona Prototype and Le Mans Prototype cars, this list does not include cars categorized as such.
* Alfa Romeo Tipo 33
* Alfa Romeo 33/2
* Ferrari 512M/S
* Ferrari 330P3/4 & 412P
* Porsche 917

[edit] Concept cars

* Isuzu XU-1
* GT by Citroen

[edit] Gullwing doors
The Mercedes-Benz 300SL.
[edit] Production cars

* Autozam AZ-1 (a Kei car)
* Bricklin SV-1
* Bristol Fighter
* De Lorean DMC-12
* De Tomaso Mangusta
* Gumpert Apollo
* Isdera Commendatore 112i
* Jiotto Caspita
* Melkus RS 1000
* Mercedes-Benz 300SL
* Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG (production beginning in 2010)
* Suzuki Cara

[edit] Kit cars

* AMT Piranha
* Bradley GTII
* Dare DZ
* Eagle SS Mk1
* Fiberfab Aztec 7 (also known as Charger II)
* Foers Ibex
* GP Talon
* Innes Lee Scorpion K19
* Replicar Cursor

[edit] Racecars

* Nimrod Aston Martin
* Peugeot 905

[edit] Scissor doors
The Lamborghini Murci?lago

* Alfa Romeo Carabo
* Bugatti EB110
* Koenigsegg CC
* Koenigsegg CC8S
* Koenigsegg CCGT
* Koenigsegg CCR
* Koenigsegg CCX
* Koenigsegg CCXR
* Land Rover Range Stormer
* Lamborghini Countach
* Lamborghini Diablo
* Lamborghini Murci?lago
* Lamborghini Reventon
* Spyker C8
* Spyker C12 Zagato
* Vector M12
* Vector W8

[edit] Suicide doors
Delahaye Type 135

Models of automobile that featured suicide doors ie doors hinged at the rear include (but are not limited to):

* Adler Typ 10 2.5 Litre (1937-1940)
* Austin FX4 ? the classic London black cab
* Austin 7 - many two-door versions
* Bentley State Limousine
* Bugatti Atlantic (1937)
* Bugatti Type 57 (1934)
* Bugatti T57 Aerolithe (1935)
* Buick Roadmaster (1936-1939) (Rear door on 4-door sedans and convertibles)
* Chevrolet Master 2-door (1935)
* Chevrolet Master Deluxe 2-door (1935)
* Chevrolet Silverado (1998-present)
* Chrysler Imperial Parade Phaeton
* Chrysler Royal
* Citro?n 2CV early models (1948-1964)
* Citro?n H Van
* Citro?n Traction Avant (1934-1957)
* Delahaye
* DeSoto cars in the 1940's (1946-48 S-11)
* DKW 1000 S (1958-1961) (Front door)
* DKW F7 (1937-1939)
* DKW F8 (1939-1942)
* Dodge cars in the 1940s
* EMW 340 (1949-1955) (Front door)
* Facel Vega Excellence
* Fiat 500 (approx. 1936-57)
* Fiat 500 Spyder Bertone (1947)
* Fiat 508 Balilla (1934-1939) (Rear door on 4-door sedans)
* Fiat 518 Ardita (1933-1938)
* Fiat 600
* Fiat 1100 (1960) (Front door)
* Fiat 1200 (1955) (Front door)
* Fiat AR 55 Campagnola (1963)
* Fiat Camareno 1100 (1932)
* Fiat FS (1946)
* Fiat Topolino (1936-1955)
* Ford Model B (1932) (1932 V8)
* Ford F-150 SuperCab (1997-present) (Front doors conventional with rear suicide half-doors)
* Ford Ranger (2000-present) (Supercab version has two rear suicide doors)
* Ford Thunderbird 4-door models (1967-1971)
* Goggomobil (1955)
* Honda Element (2003-present) (Has conventional front, with suicide half-doors in rear)
* Hongqi CA 72
* Hongqi CA 770/772/773
* Hongqi CA 7650
* Jaguar MK4 (1946) (Front door)
* Jowett Javelin (1947?1953)
* Lancia Aprilia (1937-1948)
* Lancia Ardea (1939-1953)
* Lancia Augusta (1933-1936)
* Lancia Aurelia (1950-1958)
* Lincoln Continental 4-door sedans (1961-1969), 4-door convertibles (1961-1967)
* Mazda B-Series and Mazda BT-50 Freestyle Cab (2002-present)
* Mazda RX-8 (2004-present) (Has conventional front doors, with suicide half-doors in rear)
* Mercedes-Benz 170 (1928?1948)
* Mercedes-Benz 200t (1934)
* Mercedes-Benz 500
* Mercedes-Benz 540 (1938)
* Mercury 4-door sedan (1949-1951)
* MG TF (1953)
* MINI Clubman ? Has conventional front doors, with one rear suicide half-door
* Nissan Titan ? Extended cab models
* Opel Kapit?n (1938-1953) (Rear door)
* Upcoming Opel Meriva (2010-?) (Rear door)
* Packard 110 Sedan (1941) (Rear door)
* Panhard Dyna
* Peugeot 202 (1938)
* Peugeot 203 (1948-1960)
* Peugeot 301 (1935)
* Peugeot 302 (1937)
* Peugeot 402 (1938-1950)
* Peugeot 402 Darlmat (1950)
* Peugeot 601 (1940)
* Pierce Silver Arrow
* Praga Piccolo Furgon (1938)
* Renault 4CV (1946-1961) (Front door)
* Riley RM (1945-1955) (Front door)
* Rolls-Royce Phantom
* Rover P4 (Cars like the Rover 90 had conventional front doors, with suicide rear doors)
* Rover SF12 (1946) (Both doors rear hinged)
* Saab (92, 93 and 95/96 early models)
* Saturn Ion Quad Coupe (2002-2007) (Has conventional front doors, with suicide half-doors in the rear.)
* Saturn SC (1999-2002) (One rear suicide half-door on driver's side)
* Singer SM1500 (1947-1954) (Rear door)
* ?koda 1101/1102 (1946-1952)
* ?koda Popular (1933-1946)
* Spyker D12
* Studebaker Champion (1939-1952) (Rear door on 4-door Sedans)
* Subaru 360
* Syrena early models
* Tatra T57 (1931-1948)
* Tatra T600 (1947-1952) (Front door)
* Toyota Century Royal
* Toyota FJ Cruiser (2006-present) (Conventional front doors, suicide half-doors in rear)
* Tucker Torpedo (1948) (Rear door)
* Vespa 400 (1960)
* Volkswagen K?belwagen (WWII German military Jeep-like vehicle) (Rear doors)
* Zastava 750 (1956-1969)
* ZAZ-965


Where’s our free hat ?

In the trunk, er, suitcase!

"Pick up with a rear sliding window left cracked open for ventilation and a small flexible child.

Ed B."

Already suggested that, with the proviso that a pickup (one word) is probably not considered a car. Which is why you left the word “truck” out. You might as well say FedEx truck.

Vans I’m on the fence about, they seem half car, half truck to me.

What we have here is a case of the dancing bear. The amazing thing isn’t how well he dances, it’s that he dances at all. The OP gets credit for trying.


All those cars have sunroofs?

Door hinged at the rear makes no difference.

Too much time on your hands.