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Blinker blinking too fast and not working after accident

I rear ended somebody and the front of my car is pretty damaged. The right blinker when turned on will blink quickly in my car but doesnt work at all from the outside. Since this happened after an accident i was wondering if it could be something other than a burned out bulb?
I have a 2001 Honda CRV.

You can do 2 things . you can replace bulb or return to the facility that did the repair as there is usually a warranty of some kind.

Edit: I just reread your post , it looks like you have not repaired the damage . If that is the case then I don’t see how anyone who can’t see this vehicle in person can even guess what is wrong.

This just happened. No repairs have been done so far. I will try changing the bulb but something tells me it isnt the bulb and i damaged something in the accident.

When one bulb is burned-out or destroyed by impact, the directional will flash twice as fast.
Replace the bulb and you should be back to normal.


It is simpler and quicker to just change the bulb than it was to find CarTalk, register for the site, post this and wait for a reply.

Change the bulb and confirm or reject whether it is the bulb or something else.


Mr. Mustangman , there you go again applying logic to the interweb.