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Blended oil vs synthetic oil 82k v50 2009 volvo

Hello…bought my first car new…followed the manual and maintenance schedule to a T. Manual suggested regular/blended oil, NOT fully synthetic…so I did that…for 8000 miles. Took to a guy that works on Volvos, requested an oil change…get it back and it’s 80+$…called, told me he put synthetic in it…anyway, so now my car is telling me it needs service. I’ve been reading up on the oil differences…and how to introduce the full synthetic oil to the engine…making sure it is flushed, changing the first batch of synthetic at a “sooner” time, than next time, perhaps 5,000 or 7500 miles. So, suggestions please? Can or should I go back to the blended oil that the manual recommends, or stay with the synthetic oil…and how often do I get it changed?

What oil he put in has nothing to do with the car telling you it needs “service”. The oil should be changed at the interval in the manual, or when the “oil minder”, if you have one, tells you.

Blended oil is cheaper than full synthetic, which you need if the car has a turbocharger.

Have the mechanic reset the service minder, unless you have another problem with the car. Get a readout of the code. At 82,000 miles the car probably needs a lot of other service. Read your owner’s manual. Bad spark plugs, dirty air filter, plugged injectors all cause a service light to go on.

You don’t need to do anything unusual to change to, or from, synthetic oil. For either, follow the owners manual instuctions, as @Docnick said.

+1 to Doc’s post.

Synthetic oil, dino oil, and “blended” oil are chemically exactly the same. The difference is simply that synthetis oil has fewer impurities and allegedly more consistant molecule sizes. "Blended: is just synthetic blended with dino to reduce the cost. The three types can be changed to & from as well as mixed to your heart’s content, as long as you use at least the one required by the manufacturer. You’re completely free to use pure synthetic in any engine that requires blended without worry of damage.

Something else is triggering the light.

“making sure it is flushed, changing the first batch of synthetic at a “sooner” time, than next time, perhaps 5,000 or 7500 miles”

Who comes up with this baloney??

The world is full of baloney manufacturers.