Fully Synthetic vs Synthetic Blend

I have a 2006 Volvo S60 with 103K miles. I have been using the Mobil 1 5W30 fully synthetic oil in it. The dealership uses a Quaker State 5W30 synthetic blend. Can I switch between the 2 with no issues or should I stick with my full synthetic.

You can switch back and forth between those two and even include regulat oil in the switches if you’d like PROVIDED that your owner’s manual does not require synthetic. If it does, you need to use full synthetic.

Check your manual. I believe the S60 is turbocharged, and they may require full sysnthetic.

Yes, you can switch back and forth, or combine the two, UNLESS the owner’s manual specifies full synthetic. In that case nothing but the specified oil should be used.

If your car is turbo-charged, as mountainbike suggests, you better check the manual.

If the car has a turbo, you will be better off with full-synthetic, just because it will protect better at the high temps generated by turbochargers. Other than that, you can switch back and forth. I wouldn’t mix different oils in the same oil change, especially if they are not the same brand and/or weight.

You can mix different brands or weights…doesn’t matter…As long as the oils meet the engines specs.

It’s turbocharged. That’s the only way the came.