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Synthetic oil for 1999 Volvo

I took my car in to Valvolene for an oil change and for the first time ever I was told I needed synthetic oil or a hybrid because it has 159,000 miles. Is this true or did I just pay too much for an oil change? Thanks!

Unless it’s listed in your manual, it’s not required. Doesn’t hurt, but absolutely not required. How much extra $$?

You paid too much. The semi-syn and synthetic oil change prices at shops generally are large profit makers. The regular oil change is to get majority of customers in the door and stay competitive.

I brpught it down from $63 to $46 (inc 6.5 quarts of oil. Thanks.

Thank you.

Up-selling has gotten out of hand…You could have purchased the oil and filter for your car for $15-$18…

The quick oil change places are generally very bad places to get your oil changed. Their business model requires three things.

  • Cheap staff (un-qualified)

  • Quick service (often the staff is required to do so many cars in a limited time none get proper service

  • Up Sell (sell additional products and services that are not needed)

    We see far too many bad results here.

Your Volvo has a turbo and the synthetic is better when there is a turbocharger involved. That said if you use regular oil and change it at every 3,000 that will protect the turbo fine. If you like to go over 5,000 miles between oil changes the syntheic or semi-synthetic would be a better choice.

In this case if they sold you the synthetic and still want you back in 3K miles for another oil change it is upselling.