Black Widow Infestation

This in in response to the lady who discovered her Civic was infested with baby Black Widow Spiders. I would suggest buying a package of “Raid Fumigators”. These use a chemical smoke, they are NOT the aerosol cans that spray a fine mist. They come in a package of three. I have found them at Walmart. Put your car in a closed garage and put one under each end of the car and one inside and leave it over night. I have a small (static) car collection and I do this periodically.

The Fumigators are activated by water. You put a small amount of water in the included plastic cup, then set them in place. When ready, you drop the cans into the cups and leave. The chemical reaction produces a toxic smoke that does not leave a residue.

Three cans should take care of all the insects in your car and your garage as well. This has worked for me.

Fort Worth, TX

Dear Tom and Ray,
I really felt for Heather and her black widow spider problem, because I also had an '88 Honda Civic hatchback and it was the best car I ever owned. I wish I still had it and I’m sure Heather wishes she could drive hers! My suggestion is similar to John’s above but might be more reassuring given the species!

I work in export shipping, and for shipments to Australia and many other countries, you have to fumigate shipping containers to kill any insects that may be infesting the cargo or the wood pallets. I bet that if Heather found a local freight forwarder, they could refer her to a fumigation service that would let her park her car inside an empty container, fumigate it, and let it sit overnight. By the time she went back to get it, EVERYTHING would be dead. This would be more expensive than the suggestion above, and might cost a few hundred bucks, but I bet the peace of mind would be worth it. I don’t know about you, but my garage leaks air like a sieve.

Good luck to Heather, and thanks for the memories of my little hatchback!
West Hartford, CT

Hi! Does anyone know how to listen to the show which had this infestation? My husband heard it and cannot remember the date it aired. We also, cannot figure out how to listen to it online. Thanks for any help you can offer, Genie

If the car was a hearse, here is a song.

Black Widows in the Privy
Everyone knows someone we’d be better off without,
But best not mention names, for we know not who’s about.
But why commit a murder, and risk the fires of hell,
When black widows in the privy can do it just as well.

Now, poison’s good, and daggers, and arrows in the back,
And if you?re really desperate, you can try a front attack.
But are they really worth the risk of being caught
When black widows in the privy need not be bribed or bought?

So if there’s one of whom you wish most simply to be rid,
Just wait til dark, then point the way to way the widows hid,
And say to them, "I think you’ll find that this one is the best,"
And black widows in the privy will gladly do the rest.

Yes, use the, “Raid Fumigator” chemical smoke units. To make doubly certain, take the car to a high-line auto re-finisher where a new paint job is baked on. Have them cook the car in their oven, and no more spiders.