Spiders in the car

There are spider webs and now tiny yellow spiders appearing inside my car…and the AC is not working properly. Is there a chance a nest is somewhere in the cooling system and just hatched. What do I do? Can I fumigate with the product used in houses to rid a house of fleas?

More info needed.Year/make of car?
Do you have access to a closed garage? If so, you could try parking the car in the garage & setting off a bug bomb, in the garage.
I wouldn’t suggest you set the bug bomb off in your car, though. Inside the car, the concentration of chemicals could cause your plastic interior to melt.

Connect a hose to your exhaust pipe and the other end through a partially opened window and seal off the rest of that window with duct tape. Start the engine - GET OUT OF THE CAR - and let the fumes fill the car for 20 minutes. Then hold your breath, open the driver side door, get in, shut the engine off - GET OUT OFF THE CAR - open up all the other doors and air the car out for 20 minutes. Repeat if necessary.