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Black Widow Spiders

I have several black widow spiders in my detached garage where I park my car. The guy who maintains my yard said, “Ooo, those spiders are going to get into your car.” Is he correct? I keep my windows closed.

In some vehicles, it may be possible for them to make their way in through the ventilation system, particularly if your car is not equipped with a cabin air filter. Other entry methods are possible as well depending on the age and type of vehicle it is. I would consider taking action to eradicate the spiders as this type of spider can be a serious threat to your health due to the toxicity of their venom to humans.

On a positive note, your car is not exactly the kind of place they would want to live if you drive it every day. It moves too much, and these spiders very much prefer isolation.

Thanks, Mark. I have a 2007 Subaru Outback with a cabin air filter. I drive my car almost every day. I was considering putting a bug bomb in the garage, but I am unsure if the ingredients kill black widows. (I also am averse to using insecticides.)

Black widows are a chronic problem in my yard but they have never been seen in one of the vehicles that are often parked within 3 feet of a timbered embankment notorious for the spiders. The black widows seem to be very particular and find something to hide under that protects them from the hot sun and rain but within a few inches of the ground.

While Black Widows are venomous, they are still spiders. I would get several bug bombs, preferably the non-flammable kind, and set them off in your garage, just to be sure. I’m a live n’ let live kind of guy, but you don’t want to be bitten by one of these.

Better black widows in your garage than in your outhouse. That’s a sight you don’t want to see when you lift the lid.

Anyway, for a normal adult black widows aren’t deadly, just uncomfortable. That said, I’d bug bomb the garage when they get bad. Just not worth worrying about them. Of course they’ll be back eventually.

I’d call an exterminator.

Thanks to everyone for comments. It looks like I will be using several bug bombs or (maybe ) an exterminator.