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Black 2002 Galant paint problems

The clear coat paint on my black 2002 Galant is fading quickly. With some limited internet research, I’ve found that this is a somewhat common problem for black 2002 and 2003 Mitsubishis. Given the experience of other owners, I doubt Mitsubishi plans on recalling the paint or doing anything about this problem. My own situation is not helped by the fact that I am a second owner and the car has 120k miles.

My first question is, is it possible to reapply a clearcoat without sanding down and repainting the entire vehicle?

My own paint experience is very limited; I have only ever done some rust removal and aerosol touch-ups, so I’m leaning toward having it done by a professional so it lasts.

My second question is, how much should I expect to have to pay to either reapply a clearcoat or strip down and repaint the whole vehicle if necessary?

I appreciate your input.

None of what you suggest is cost-effective on a Galant with 120K miles. You will spend more than the car is worth trying to correct this problem. I suggest you drive it and quit worrying about the paint.

Sorry, I know that’s not what you want to hear, but that’s my advice. Concentrate your efforts (and your money) on mechanical maintenance. Don’t worry so much about looks. This car is not worth the investment.

Thanks for your input. I forgot to mention, I live in Michigan, so really my main concern is rust. One person who had a 02 or 03 with similar problems said they already have a hole in their roof from rust.

At 120K miles I suggest you let rust take its course, and starting planning for your next car. Spending money on this vehicle (at least as far as appearance is concerned) is probably not your best bet.

You can do clearcoat. If you sand smooth with 200 grit sandpaper with no water and then blow the dust away amd wipe with a towel, you can spray clear paint from a can right over it and it will dry dark and clear. Don’t use the tiny can. You will be amazed what you can do with almost nothing.

I think I’ll give that a shot. Thanks a lot for your help.

JMHO here, but 200 grit sandpaper is pretty rough stuff for a finish coat.

I agree, 200 is way too abrasive.