To re-paint or not to re-paint

I have a 2001 Nissan Sentra with a dark grey color I believe the color name is “Granite”. My problem is that the paint system is failing. The care is parked out side and I live in Northern New Jersey.

In the last year or so, the clear coat began flaking off in cetrain areas and has spead. In some places I’m positive that the paint is gone and I’m looking at bare sheet metal; but it is not yet rusting. Perhaps these areas still have primer paint or some other layer of paint on them. I say this because in other places there are some tiny nicks in the paint that have a some oxidation before I find them and touch them up.

My question is this: At what point, is it advisable have the car repainted? My thinking is that to repaint it now would be a fools errand as the original underlying paint would be unstable. Wouldn’t the clearcoat be stripped off first before repainting it?

I agree with your thinking. Th eonly way to repaint it such that the problem would go away would be to strip it completely, not an inexpensive process.

I’d keep doing what you’re doing. I’d also check to see if there are any TSBs on the subject. I’d also contact Nissan USA and ask if they had an unadvertised program to correct this problem.

In these areas where both the clear coat and the paint color have flaked away, some areas are about 50 square inches. What is the likelyhood of these areas rusting? This car is parked outside all the time it has been like this for about a year and it hasn’t rusted yet.

Any thoughts?

It sounds like the primer is protecting those areas, but they’ll begin to rust at some point. Primer isn’t designed as a topcoat and won’t hold up forever.

I really have no suggestions that might be cost effective. Perhaps a MAACO “Special” for $249 every five or so years?

uugh…say no to MAACO…I’ll think of something

I’ts just that this car only has 30,000 miles on it and the offenting spots are all on the drivers side.

Sounds to me that this car is already a repainted one. The only clear coat peeling I’ve ever seen is repaints not OE. My own truck is a 92…black…in New mexico ! The OE paint has never peeled or flaked, only the repainted hood and fender. Also my 79 repainted pickup had the same peel off , but only on the reapaint, not the factory paint. Since yours is peeling now, just look at your own finances and if the car works great and is well maintaned, then maybe you’d want to re-paint at a body shop that will also re-primer and warranty their work.

I agree with Ken Green. Sounds like a repaint that has gone south. Sometimes this happens with a vehicle is not washed/waxed as it should be, like my old Celebrity.

I would not sink the money into this vehicle if I were you. True the 30,000 miles are nice but the vehicle is 8 yrs old, since the model year changes in Sept. so it does have some age on it. After a shop r&i’s (remove & install) trim, lamps, etc. it would not be cost effective. You would not gain that much if you choose to trade it in.

Not to be contrary…only to provide more info…

I am the original owner and this is the original paint job. I also wash this car regularly, and wax it twice a year (spring and fall) since I purchased the car.