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Volvo Paint job

I’ve got a 1998 Volvo S70, 125,000 miles that I’ve had for about four years. The clear coat on it is quickly deteriorating. It’s beginning to look pretty bad. I’ve taken pretty good care of the car, and it’s had a couple of electrical problems but nothing huge wrong with it. Should I drop the $2000 or so that it will take to repaint it, or just leave it? Bad paint or not, I intend on driving the car into the ground. Is it worth the investment?

Where did you get the quote from? Is there a Maaco near you, they’re pretty good and fairly reasonable from what I hear.

Its purely cosmetic. Does it need a skin peal, and botox? That up to you, but you could have only the top surfaces painted to the first crease, or shadow line at the fenders/doors for far less.

IMOO, it’s not worth it

Simple if you want the car to LOOK good, then you pay to get it painted. If you don’t care or don’t feel it is worth the cost, you don’t. Why ask us?