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Birds Love my Car

We have a cardinal which is making its way from our Maxima to our Honda Civic to our RV and then to our Suzuki - Didn’t know one bird could have so much poop. I think it may be a couple - one male and one female - they sit on the mirrors, poop all over, spread it with their wings onto the windows and all over the doors. I have put Walmart bags over the windows of the cars we don’t use as often, but what to do about the windows? Thanks Charlene

Cardinals tend to have very high standards and do not like anything even vaguely related to Wal-Mart.
I suggest that you replace those Wal-Mart bags with bags from Nordstrom’s or Saks.


Seriously, however, have you considered getting a cat?

The Birds Want To Buy The Cars. That’s Evident By The Deposits They Are Putting Down On Them. Buy A Couple Of Those Faux Owls And Perch Them Out There.

Fake rubber snakes also do a good job for scaring birds away, but, you may have to invest in a tarp to cover the whole vehicle. My sister has the same problem with her black car but not with her gray car. Seems like the birds are attracted to her black car only.

Try adding a birdbath to your yard…might help keep them away from your cars.

Wrapped white t-shirt around each mirror and stopped birds from 95% of mess on my car…after abt 2 months have stopped with t-shirts and still no mess on my car except very seldom.

Perhaps a bird feeder someplace away from the vehicles will wein them away.