Ok, I am anal retentive, calling the police 5 times for a truck blocking a sidewalk

Sure the first time I called police non emergency number was the truck blocking a sidewalk as I helped my neighbor to the walgreens and had to go on grass to get a wheelchair around the vehicle, encroaching on the sidewalk by 1 foot min to get a prescription filled. 2 weeks later she died, so I could not forget having to navigate her wheelchair through the grass. I called the non emeregency line, 5 times over 5 weeks got the response we challked the tires but the truck was gone by the time we got there to issue a ticket. So call 5 do you want to meet an officer there? Yes, well great service as I waited, 10 min at the most, Officer pulled up, what is the issue, I said 5 non emergency calls and this truck is still blocking the sidewalk.(parking is tight but not my problem) He looked at it and said that is wrong and issued a ticket on the spot. so Not sorry unthoughtful dude or dudette cannot raise the garage door and thinks it is ok to block the sidewalk. Wife says I am anazzz, yes dear, but I think I am right in this situation, she says xxx you xxxxxxx always making trouble, well too old too quit now. Share your tales of woe and misery

are you sure this wheel chair isn t just a hypothetical example of what might possibly happen?

did you try asking the neighbor to move it first?
having a feud with a neighbor is unpleasant at best.

even tho you asked for us to judge your actions, I won t.
I don t know you that well.
your wife does…

i won t share my tale of woe and misery except to say if this is your biggest problem, and the only reason to call police, you are very lucky. this falls well short of woe and misery in my book.

i changed many parts of my behavior a couple years ago, and even think almost totally differently now.
its never too late.

I believe the person who parked the truck like that was very ignorant, I also think this is a good indication of… Now wait for it… You ready… here it is,…An Alcoholic Attitude.

Who cares if I block the crosswalk, I am in a hurry and I am more important than everyone.

Typical attitude. The driver of the truck most likely speeds and tailgates and blows thru stale yellow/red lights.

You just want the law to be followed, if we don’t enforce laws why have them, lets all do what we see fit and forget everyone else! there is nothing wrong with wanting our laws enforced.

That being said where I live this would be a minor problem, we have a bunch of meth addled goobers running around, between them and the drunk rednecks the limited police force we have does not have time to be bothered for “non emergencies”.

If the police are unwilling to help, get your local government representative involved. I’m thinking about a mayor, county council member, or another elected representative at the entry level who has control over the police. They will help you if you convince them that the guy is a repeat offender. And they have a real stake in it. They can ride something like this to another successful election. These things are exactly what they look for.

I had thought about calling my alderman, I am usually a forgiving person, but got a burr under my saddle on this one. It was partly due to my last contact with my friends wife was having to push her wheelchair around the inconsiderate person. Now it has been a couple of years the truck has been parking like that, and I had never called, but it became a pet peeve. The Community Service Officer was so nice, and disliking the situation himself made me feel like I was not just another whacko. Squeaky wheel gets the oil applies, though I was worried as another saying, the nail head that stands up is the one that gets pounded down might apply.

Lucky for me to be at the dead end of a quiet street. And I am having a difficult time picturing this problem’s significance. Most personal vehicles depart from home early in the morning and return late in the afternoon and wouldn’t be there to cause much interference with neighbors if it hung over the sidewalk. But then how far over the sidewalk does it hang? How long is this truck if the garage door being closed causes the truck to block the sidewalk?

The community services officer Is paid to calm you down while the police ignore the issue. What do other people in the neighborhood think? In my area, you have to shovel the sidewalk in front of your property or risk a fine. It is to protect school children that would have to walk on what might end up as ice or walk in the road. Now that I think about it, this is a similar issue. It might help to mention school children the next time you annoy the police when they could be enjoying a perfectly good creme donut and a very tall coffee.

Yes you must consider priorities. When the light is on indicating that the donuts are fresh out of the oven you should avoid calling the police.

Will someone get smart and name a donut franchise “Car 54”

Our neighbor had an Explorer ‘’ project car ‘’ parked on the curb for a year. Didn’t bother six other neighbors a bit…wasn’t leaking or in the way.
One day it got a city red tag !

different people have different gripes .

( WE think it was the trash truck driver who ratted on them. )

Hmmm. I don’t think I’ve really ever had a tale of woe, although years ago my dad chased down a guy that cut him off and reported to the police. He had the duck boat on the top carriers and the sudden stop caused it to shift a little. Coulda had a duck boat land on someone I suppose but my dad was kind of hot headed. Next car was a station wagon to fit the duck boat in. I learned from that and tend to be easier going. I did report a guy once that stopped his car on the highway blocking the girl in back of him as he pounced on her hood for having her headlights on him. Scared the bejessus out of her but I was right behind and had my shot gun in the car just in case he went crazier. Oh yeah and our hot headed driver training instructor started a verbal and hand signal exchange with a real estate tycoon that cut us off. Instead of just calmly using it as a learning experience, he took it to the next level and got down in the mud. It was a 64 Ford with three guys and a girl versus a 63 Imperial. The girl married the guy who became the Mayor so think maybe his real estate permits might have been delayed for a while but I dunno.

Being short and having experienced my share of hostility, I’ve always tried to walk away or remain calm when others go nuts. Served me well, but I do have a soft spot in my heart for folks in wheel chairs or people using a cane.

Back on July 4th weekend, I pulled into a Michael’s Craft store and there was a Mercedes S-class parked right in the middle line of two handicap spots, blocking both, without a handicap placard… but with a huge political sign on the roof and political signs all over the side. He had apparently been at a rally or parade. I walked into the store, saw who was clearly the driver, and asked “is that your Mercedes?”. He grinned broadly and said “yup”, walking toward me with his hand out. Rather than shake his hand, I said so that everyone could hear “you’re blocking TWO handicap spots and you don’t even have a handicap permit?”. He turned toward the exit, lowered his head, and said “I know, I know” to which I replied “yeah, but you don’t CARE, do you?”.

Damned self-serving politicians.

A few years ago, I was at the bank, waiting in line at the atm machine

Some totally healthy jerk without the blue handicap sign was parking in the handicap spot. He was sitting in the car, letting it idle. I suppose he was waiting for somebody, who was probably in the bank.

A few minutes later, a man hobbled up to the bank, bad legs, cane, the works. He had to park very far away from the bank, because that jerk had taken his spot. The man with the bad legs was in a foul mood, and understandably so. He yelled at the top of his lungs “I had to walk real far, because some jerk took my spot.” You should have seen the look of shame on that jerk’s face, the one who was in that handicap spot without a reason for being there.

Bing “I did report a guy once that stopped his car on the highway blocking the girl in back of him as he pounced on her hood for having her headlights on him. Scared the bejessus out of her but I was right behind and had my shot gun in the car just in case he went crazier.”

I had a strange road rage incident. When I purchased my KIA in 2010 cars were being equipped with brighter headlights. It actually helped me as my former excellent night vision was fading. I was frequently flashed for the first couple of years but now drivers have gotten used to the brighter headlights. I was driving on a 2 lane highway at night I was following a Honda Civic which was following a large pick-up at the 55mph speed limit. I was a couple of car lengths more than safe distance behind the Civic. We approached my turn. The pick-up continued but the Civic turned right then immediately left into the corner houses large gravel parking area. I assumed they had reached their destination. They instead whipped back onto the road, assumed a position on my back bumper and engaged their high beams. After a few seconds it dawned on me they thought I had been following the for miles on the highway with my headlights on bright and I needed to be punished. I flashed my brights a couple of times and the Civic driver dimmed their lights and backed off as I turned on my street. No harm, no foul, no pouncing on hoods.

So there I was tonight, wallking up to walgeens, Saw a couple on the street and they said are you the a… that got us a ticket. I said yes sidewalks are for people, nor for trucks. They said we are going to make your life a living hell, do you know who we are? I said read the city ordinance you need to be 6" off the sidewalk, got a beef call a cop! Oh wait, hailed policeman, course they are gone, but stated I felt “I will make your life a living hell” was a threat. Pic tomorrow, Officer will pass it on to community service guy.

Life’s too short to feud with neighbors. I have heard of cases where a property owner set up a telescope so he could be “offended” when another property owner urinated in his own back yard. Really, it can get that ugly and someone can make your life a living hell without doing anything illegal.

Our law enforcement officers deal with people I do not want to even see on a daily basis, horrible traffic wrecks with body damage I would most likely pass out from if I saw it. And you call them out for a blocked driveway! We live on a cul-de-sac with a narrow street and parking problems are just part of life. I hope the couple calms down but do not count on it.

I’m sure that a blocked sidewalk is pretty low on the police response triage list.

Around here it’s not sworn officers who respond to trucks blocking the sidewalk