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Toyota Camry stained finish

How can I get stains from bird droppings out of my

my new 2011 Camry? The stains look like diluted red wine. The car was about 5 weeks old with less than 700 miles on it.

I’d also like your opinion if this is a warranty issue.

In the center of the 4 largest droppings there are also small dings in the metal - one of them looks like there is also chipped paint.

The dealer says it is not a warranty issue and offered to fix it for $1876. He said the birds must have eaten red berries. I guess they must have been like stones to cause the dings. Poor birds.

I have a 1999 Subaru with 188000 miles that had been parked for 11 years in my driveway where the Camry now is with no stains. The Ford I had before that had no such problems in 6 years. Four friends with Camry’s from 5 to 10 years old say they never had such problems.

It seems that Toyota is saying their new cars are not suitable for outdoor use.

I should add that I hosed the car down as soon as I saw the droppings, probably 1-2 days after it happened. Then washed it twice by hand and finally took it to a car wash. The dealer tried compuonding the stains but they wouldn’t come out.

Bird droppings are not a warranty issue, regardless of who manufactured the car.

What have you tried so far to remove the stains?

I had squirrel droppings on one of my cars that left a permanent stain. Nothing I tried (wax, polishing compound, etc) would remove them, and there is still a small purple stain in one area after almost four years. It has faded from its former glory, but it’s still there.

I don’t park in that particular spot any more.

I’ve never heard of bird droppings chipping paint, seeds or not, but I guess the sheet metal on cars is getting thinner and thinner every year.

Sorry to hear about the mess, an I wish you the best of luck, but there’s no way I’d ever pay anyone $1876 to clean bird poop off my car.

It doesn’t chip the paint. The acids in the stool/urine (bird droppings are both in the same blob) eat through the clear coat if you don’t get rid of them in time. This is why I carry a bottle of Quick Detailer and a microfiber cloth in my trunk. As soon as I see it, I clean it off.

$1876 is an insane price. I just got an estimate from ABRA to polish my entire car (which would take care of your problem, and any other paint flaws you haven’t found yet) for $500. And no, it’s not a tiny car, either.

Thanks mcparadise and shadowfax. Someone suggested something hard in the droppings might have caused the chip. It was odd that the chip and 3 other dings were centered in bird droppings.

I am surprised that paint finish on a car only a few weeks old can’t withstand bird droppings. As I said my 11 year old Subaru never had this problem although it was parked where I had parked the new car. And my 4 friends with Camry’s that are 5 to 10 years old haven’t had such problems. In fact, one of them showed up last week with droppings on his 8 year old silver Camry. He said it will wash off with no problem