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Big Guy/Small Car

I was incensed listening to the show today to hear Tom & Ray making fun of a 350 lbs. man. It seemed really cheap and inappropriate. I hope they’ll reconsider such cheap comments in the future.

Have you seen them? I guess not. They are not small themselves.

While I don’t believe in making jokes about other people and things like weight (that may or may not be the choice of the individual, I really don’t get excited about jokes based on smoking or weight as we all would be better without that cigarette or the extra weight. If it makes 100 people uncomfortable and may help just one kick the habit or start and stay on a serious weight reduction program, I would consider it a good thing overall.

The above are my personal views and may not represent the views of this program or station.

Though the comments were inappropriate but we have to respect them as they are the anchors of the show. How bad the opinions or comments maybe but its their own and have to be respected. This is a free world.