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Big Guy Car

I had to go into the grocery store when the big guy gave his recommendations for a car on the show I heard on saturday. There is a big guy at our office looking for a new car and because I value my sanity was hoping someone could recap the recommendations without making me learn about podcasts and listen to that lousy radio show again! He is liking a toyota Rav4.

His reccomendation was the New Beetle. Knocked my socks off.

Also, while driving in my mother-in-law’s Scion xB, I happened to think that for the reasons that this gent had suggested the VW, the xB might also be suitable. Nice wide door frames, tall doors with lots of head room. Seems to be his specifications as to why the VW Beetle was ideal.

He ended up with a Toyota Matrix, he is big and thrifty! He is really engoying it and says it is easy to get in and out of, he is a 6x shirt. He also wanted 4wd.