Ar Additives

Our they worth their price. Specifically BG products and services

Additives aren’t needed in almost all cases.

Depends on the condition of the car and the problem your trying to fix. Some additives can help, others are snake oil. I cannot list the products to use or stay away from, because both lists would take pages to fill. If your interested in a specific product, or have a specific condition your trying to improve/fix, we can help.

If your looking for an additive for preventative maintenance, your probably wasting money. Following the service guide in the owner’s manual for proper maintenance work at the proper intervals using the proper parts and fluids is all the preventative maintenance you should need. No additive in the world will improve or replace this. I ran my last truck 325,000 miles without using extra additives, and currently have 252,000 miles on my car the same way. I also have 185,000 miles on the wife’s SUV without resorting to any additives.

Exactly what are you expecting the additive to do? What are “ar” additives?

Many additives, especially BG products, are pushed by dealers and other repair establishments strictly because they increase profits. Evaluate the push to use these with a very critical eye.