Best way to ship US car parts to Germany?

I’m trying to send a van hood to a relative in Germany It seems to be too big to send via USPS or UPS and FedEx will cost 10 times as much as the part to send as an individual. Does anyone know of a good car parts source that will ship to Germany? Or know of a good source of US car parts that is located in Germany, to reduce shipping?

Might want to try DHL and their economical plan, but think VAT will apply and needs to go through customs. Maybe try Delta as checked baggage or freight. Used to have a friend that would travel between here and Germany. His son needed parts frequently so he’d just do the carry on or check as baggage. Seems like in this day and age, should be able to cheaply move stuff from one continent to another without the ship container load.

If you want to locate a car parts source in Europe, we need to know the make, model, and year of car you are investigating. You want to look all over Europe, not just Germany.

Part of the problem is that the major parcel shippers are likely to air freight the hood and that is expensive. Look for boat transport to Amsterdam, Hamburg, or Bremen.your relative can pick it up or have it shipped to his door from there. And depending on where you are, you will have to ship it by truck to the dock.

As mentioned, you have to look into freight companies that move people/furniture across continents with a ship. It is slow, but cheaper.

The OP tagged this “Grand Caravan”. Chrysler minivans have been sold in Europe for twenty years (diesel powered). This hood should be available from a dealer in Germany but the price may be high due to shipping and import fees.

@Nevada_545 Chrysler minivans, powered by diesels and with a 5 speed manual transmission, are assembled in Graz, Austria by Magna International, Frank Stronach’s car parts empire, based in Aurora, Canada. This plant assembles other specialty vehicles as well. I’m not sure if the hoods are stamped out there, but they should be easily available through any Chrysler dealer there. If they are imported in bulk, they will definitely be cheaper than getting one on your own and shipping it.