Strut Box Sources

Hey everybody.

So i need to ship out a strut assembly for replacement. The problem is, i don’t have any appropriately sized boxes to fit it in.
Does anybody know places I can get leftover boxes around that shape for a strut?

The only thing I could think of is to call around to local auto parts stores and ask for leftovers/extras, but i’m not sure if that’s appropriate or the best place to ask.

Just call your closest UPS store and see if they can box them for you . Of course you did not even say where you are . A web search might find you a box store that you can modify with lots of packing tape.

I’m from upstate new york. Didn’t think about checking with UPS, as I thought that saab strut size boxes were too specific or niche.

I was unaware of packaging/box stores and did find a few local ones as well.
Thank you for the pointers!

Liquor stores usually have free boxes too. Get 2 big ones and use plenty of tape! Walmart probably has big boxes for sale too. +1 to @VOLVO-V70’s suggestion on UPS too.

Fed ex has boxes that are tall and narrow.

It’s probably worth it to buy the boxes at the store you ship the parts from. They might have packing material too, or you could use old newspapers (remember them?). Get your dimensions on the strut and add about 3 inches all around, then call the shipper and ask what boxes they have that will work and the price.

When I need a specific shape box, I just make one out of a sheet of cardboard. I never pass a refrigerator, washer or dryer box at the curb that I don’t stop and take home to make cardboard sheets to lie on for oil changes or car repair. Gives me more room than my creeper and is warmer in the winter.

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Yeah I bought a bicycle shipping box from UPS and they had multiple sizes of boxes. Our local Menards also sells various sizes, but the easiest like Oldtimer said is just to make one. Cut to size, cut the flaps, use bubble wrap inside, etc.

Another place that has lots of different sized boxes is UHaul.


Don’t look at my house. I cut up all the cardboard boxes and toss them in the recycling container. Mrs JT throws whole, uncut boxes in the recycling (Bad Girl!), but I take my box cutter out and cut them up. One of my jobs is to help her do the right thing. She helps me in that way, too.

I have trouble throwing good boxes away, especially the bigger ones that are hard to come by. I usually knock them down to save space though. Probably goes back to the old days where the grocery store was the only supply source for moving boxes and always seemed to be a shortage. Especially boxes that could be sealed. I loved the copier paper boxes. Just the right size, heavy duty, and with lids. I’ve got a lot of empty Mobil oil cartons too but they are glued and can’t be knocked down.