Looking to bring a car overseas

We are moving to Europe with the military. Wondering which minivan we should purchase before we go over for a 3-4 year stay, considering repair costs/likelihood that we’ll need repairs, and whether warranties are valid there. Thanks!

Buy a European car when you get there, sell it when you leave…

If you’re moving near a large base, it shouldn’t be a big problem as there will be a lot of US-spec cars on the road there.

One thought might be getting a Chrysler or Dodge minivan, as back in the Daimler-Chrysler days they sold a fair number of those in Europe, although the vast majority of them sold there came with Mercedes Benz turbodiesel engines and 6 speed manual gearboxes (drool!), but they perhaps might have sold some with the regular old gasoline engine.

Also, another thing to consider is the price of gas which is probably something on the order of $7-8 a gallon. If you considered buying a more efficient car to use while you’re there (such as a diesel minivan) the fuel savings alone might pay for it.

Chrysler is prevalent for domestic but the ones that are a few year old. My suggestion is purchasing slightly used in the US at deep discount since these minivan hold value like swiss cheese holding water.

Fuel I don’t believe is an issue as you will get it at base controlled price or can buy certain quantities at fuel stops without the government tax.

Honda, Toyota and Chrysler all have a good presence in Europe, so parts and expertise are reasonably available in most of the larger towns. US Ford and Chevy parts are somewhat harder to obtain, so I would go with one of the three. At one time, AAFES garages did warranty work; not sure what the current situation is today.

As for gasoline costs, depending on the status of forces agreement, you get discounted gas “coupons” through the PX.

YOur military sponsor should also be able to provide you with specifics as to the exact area you are going, and can tell you which local dealers can service which of the vans you choose. Don’t hestitate to ask questions of your sponsor; that’s what the sponsorship programs are for.

I agree with Caddyman, buy a used one there, it’ll be better suited to the roads and parking, better parts availability, etc. Why buy one here?

Nothing says driving excitement like a diesel minivan with a stick shift :slight_smile:

“Nothing says driving excitement like a diesel minivan with a stick shift :)”

Ooooh… but it’s turbocharged! I rented a huge Citroen van a few years ago when we went to Europe. There was seating for 9 and incredible cargo space - two weeks of clothes for 7 and we didn’t stack any suitcases.

I’d look on line at what is available now and then buy once in Europe. The products avaiable there are built for Europe and will be better suited to your life there. Good luck finding a diesel van here. Well, there is one: the Dodge Sprinter. Buth that’s just a rebadged MB Sprinter.

Maybe you could buy a Sprinter in Europe and bring it back. Just make sure it’s a US model before you buy.