Best traction settings for acceleration in a 2020 VW GLI with Manual Trans

In my GLI Autobahn there is a button that is labled traction control that controls the ASR and ESC systems. Should I be turning eithor or both of those systems off (they can be turned off separately depending on how long the button is held) when I want to accelerate quickly from a stop? I normally leave those on during normal driving.

Leaving that function on will not affect acceleration unless you are burning rubber. This function only activates when a wheel has a different speed than the others.

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The answer depends on just how hard you are accelerating and how skilled you are as a driver.

ASR will do nothing for acceleration positive or negative, Traction control will a spinning tire. since you can’t know what the road surface is under your car in all instances, just leave it on.

The Owner’s Manual should have an explanation of the limited circumstances when it should be turned off.

Test the different settings and see. But I’d just leave it on.

Are logical suggestions even allowed ?

That appears to be the best option at this point.


I usually leave it on; but will test the options for quick starts anyway.


U normally leave it on. Just looking for that one instance when I need a quick start.





You might get a quicker start with it on, it would limit wheel spin.

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I usually leave it on for most driving. During quick acceleration, one or the other causes intermittent locking slowing the acceleration and making a banging noise that I assume is the breaking action. Guess I will just have to test the options and see.


I need to test the options I guess.


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What, exactly, does your owners manual say about this?

The owner’s manual is not much help. I describes a little about what the systems do; and what to do in snow and loose traction situations; but not much else.

And if you have a need for a quick start are you going to have time to mess with the Traction Control button ? Not likely . And if the road surface is not ideal then the Traction Control might help keep you going in a straight line .

Yup. Not very often these days. Not like the good ole’ days anymore. Yes, usually I have enough time to hold the button for a second or so while at a light. I got a feeling that the system is easy to turn off and readily accessible for just that reason. I had a similar button in my BMW 340i and Legacy GT; both AWD You didn’t want to take off and slap it into second at red line with the traction control on in those cars; trust me!! Thank you all. I have what I need now.

Is this on a dry clean road with good tires?

If you’re accelerating hard enough to break traction, that’s honestly not safe on a public road (not to mention that you’ll be wearing out your tires more quickly). It would be best if you learned the limits of your car and avoided that instead of worrying about the traction control setting.

Having said all of that, I’m not sure that a banging sound is correct, so you might want to demonstrate this to the dealer while the car is still under warranty.

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You could only really answer this question with the aid of a dragstrip and timing equipment. Given your choice of cars, I think you might be very interested in the answer. If you find out let us know.

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Really!! A lecture!! You’re kidding. Trust me, the banging sound is correct.