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Is it okay to use traction control all the time?

So it’s okay to keep traction control on all the time, wet, snow and snow pavement? Thanks

Yes …………………

The traction control is normally always on. Are you talking about something else like having the 4 wheel drive engaged?

Traction control is turned on every time you start the car, you have to push a button to turn it off.

Also traction control may not be what you think it is.

Traction control will limit engine RPM’s and reduce engine power when tire spin is detected and possibly apply some braking to the spinning tire.

Turning it off will allow the engine to reach maximum RPM’s

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Yes…as others have already pointed out Trac control is normally always On. You have to purposefully switch it off… So this raises some questions that again my esteemed colleagues have already pointed out. Are you sure you are discussing traction control here and not some other feature? Its a valid question.

I never turn it off. You never know when you will benefit from it, even in good weather

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I agree with this. I once took an exit ramp where a truck had just leaked diesel fuel. Things got slippery in a hurry.


Okay great, thanks guys!!

Actually, there are some circumstances where traction control works against you. For example, if you are trying to start up a slippery hill. Traction control may prevent you from getting enough speed to get you up the hill. BTDT.

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I second that in certain situations, traction control can make it almost impossible to move. It is great on loose gravel or minor ice/snow but roads totally covered in snow can make it more of a hindrance than anything.

Another situation where it might be a negative is if you are trying to do a burnout or during some types of racing. I am not really into either but know that modern Ford Mustangs have a setting to turn it off for this reason.

For normal driving, leave it on. It might save you before you even realize there is a problem.