Best snow brush


If only things were that simple.
If you bothered to read more than just the headline on that story, you might have seen the following:

In 2017, cellphone video recorded aggressive monkeys taking over a park pavilion and going after people. The monkeys carry a herpes virus that is deadly to humans and can be spread through a bite or scratch.


Wow! so we go from best snow brush to monkeys with herpes, gators with tooth decay, and pythons with coil problems.


I can’t look at it right now, but I have a snow “brush” that has a wide foam type blade that works quite well. Unlike the wimpy little brushes that are good at removing an inch or three of accumulation, that one I have is handy for clearing 8 or 10 inches (or more) from a vehicle.

Plus, the handle extends to reach all the way across a vehicle. An advantage to that is that you can “two hands” it and put a little pressure down so it won’t ride over deeper snow.

When I go back north in 5 or 6 months, I’ll see if I can remember where I put it and have a better look for more details.




I just now walked back from the pool in a wet swim suit. It’s beautiful outside. Did you say it’s snowing someplace? Is it still technically winter? Do they still have that?

Oh, never mind. I’m in Florida.:lizard: Maybe I’ll just catch the national news on TV.


We get the idea but it’s so warm here, the ice on the lake is not safe.


The Hopkins 532 Mallory 26" would be the best snow brush for me it just give me a very convinient and efficient feel when I’m trying to scrape or sweep off the snow covering my car and not to mention that it’s very affodable, has sturdy bristles for cleaning and very light in weight.


Hopefully St Paul will still be able to have ices sculptures at the Winter Carnival rather than:


True story… I’m planning on going to the Desoto Grand Parade (huge) again this year. We rode our bikes there last year and saw 4 or 5 new Mustang Convertibles (tops down) carrying the Minnesota twin cities (?) Winter Festival Queen and her court. The queen stood out from the Florida folks in her big white furry collared gown.

P.S. I noticed another escaped Minnesota car (license plate) in our under-building parking garage yesterday at the condo. Has to be somebody living in our building, at least part time.

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While it may be the start of a new carnival, it’s a bittersweet end for last year’s “Royal Family.” At a ceremony Friday night, King Boreas and his crew will pass on the crown.

“We’ve made around 400 appearances from nursing homes to schools, parades, all the way from Winnipeg, Canada to Bradenton, Florida,” King Boreas said. “Spreading the good word of St. Paul and being the best ambassadors we can, it’s been awesome.”

The 17-day festival includes parades, a winter run, and the “royal coronation,” among other events .