Best snow brush


I’ll give you that point! In the north my home is on a 10,000 acre lake. I’ve had the place for 31 years. I went ice fishing one time, Can you figure out why I never went again?

Hey Bing! True story…
I was watching Sun Coast News 7 (Sarasota) yesterday on TV.

The meteorologist actually said, “Gulf water temperatures are a little cool in the 70’s, but if you’re visiting from Minnesota then they’re just fine.”

Even for me they were fine today!


I’m envious. We have an ocean on this side too, plenty of sun, but temperatures upper 50’s/lower 30’s all week. I need a dose of that Florida orange juice for breakfast every morning, so here’s to keeping that sun shining on CSA!!! :slight_smile:


Thanks, George! I’ll toast to that with my orange juice (Florida’s Natural brand from Florida farmers)!

I just got back from a 20 mile bike ride on the islands and keys. It was a perfect cool 66 degrees when I left for the ride. Some local natives out walking and bike riding had jackets on, ha, ha. I had Nike shorts & t-shirt and was sweating, ha, ha. It’s 70 & sunny now headed for 80.

Now, where did I leave that darn snow brush?:thinking:



image When it drops below 70 in Florida


Good one! :joy:

#26 is the best I have come across so far. The material is made of some soft styrofoam yet stiff enough to pull all snow off the vehicle.

A funny story, a lifelong Floridian moved to our neighborhood. First snow poured a ton. The lady didn’t have anything to remove the snow so she just used hands but still some snow had turned ice on the windshield. Instead of starting the defroster, the lady got hot water from home and threw it on the windshield. My wife yelled at her almost at the same time not to do that. My wife spent 15 minutes removing all snow and ice off her vehicle and emptied almost the bottle of snow remover. Gave her the empty bottle and asked her to get 2 of those for the season.


We have an extendable window sponge squeegee tool for washing windows, wife loves it for snow on the car.


@Noelm Well at least you guys caught her in time. When I was in grad school, I lived in the predominantly international student housing, and we had a Chinese student (I presume from one of the tropical cities like Hong Kong) who poured a pot of boiling water on her windshield to defrost it. Needless to say, it didn’t end well.

Also, it looks like Snow Joe and Snobrum are actually the same brand/company? This looks tempting - I never can reach the top of the windshield or the roof of my wife’s Grand Cherokee, even with my medium-handle snowbrush.

Oh, one final thought - I have a (faux) fur glove ice scraper that’s quite nice for keeping my hands warm while I scrape. I have no idea where it came from though - a couple years ago, someone stole my social security number and signed up for a bunch of fraudulent credit cards in my name, then proceeded to taunt me by buying things on it and having some of them shipped to my actual address. That ice scraper was among them, and I got to keep it as a consolation prize…


In reality, those bundled-up Floridians should give some thought to this newly-revealed health hazard in the Sunshine State:


PLEASE DON"T KISS THE MONKEYS! This appears to be an incomplete sentence, can’t post. The grammar police have arrived.


Ha, ha… throw some diseased monkeys in with the Burmese Pythons, feral pigs, hurricanes, sharks, gators, etcetera… ha, ha, this place isn’t for wimps!

Relating to cars, the traffic’s pretty bad, too. With all that terrible stuff it is still FANTASTIC here in the six month winter season of the north. I won’t be scared off, not for the world. I won’t give it a thought.

Back to dangers and cars, check out this police/police car/baby gator drama at a Waffle House 35 miles north of here (outside of Tampa) … even the vegetation looks like Jurassic Park, no joke. :grin:


The Snowbrum works well and is less likely to scratch your paint than a brush. A big rubber squeegee is also a good choice. If you are really worried about it you can wrap the head of the snowbrum in a micro fiber towel. Of course you will have to change the towel out each time but its really safe for your paint.


I don’t want to spoil your bike ride but think about ebola then.


You won’t spoil it. I’m getting ready to go now! I stand a much better chance being injured or killed by an errant golf ball as I’m arriving home (I live IN a golf course, fairways surround our building) or one of those Senior Citizen type car drivers or drowning in the ocean/pool ha, ha…

I very carefully plan my bike rides to stay away from traffic. I’ve explored and have routes in all directions that go through residential streets/avenues and utilize many of the gorgeous dedicated bike trails, like the one going out to Anna Maria Island. I like riding in preserves, too.


He’s not riding his bike in the Congo.


OK, but gee, at least stop at a sporting goods store and take a look at their face masks and padding to protect against dogs and golf balls. I’m thinking a catchers mask or something. Hockey stuff would be better but I don’t think they have that down there. We don’t want anything to happen to you. Actually its 40 degrees here now and if this keeps up, I’ll have to mow the grass again before the next snow. I’ll have to put sun glasses on to take the Christmas stuff down.


Global warming, Bing… :wink:


Yeah but they had snow in Texas. I know I know, it’s climate change dummy, not global warming. That covers everything.


Actually, it’s weather. I was joking, and thought the emoji would indicate that. I probably need a remedial class in emoji use. I’ll talk to my 20-something daughters and get with the program.


Do I believe climate change?

Climate is average weather and since weather changes all the time, the climate changes all the time, too.

It always has and always will, whether I believe in it or not.