Winter Defroster Sprays?

Good Morning,

Does anyone have any suggestions for the best window Defroster Sprays on the market???

Thanks so much!


Most people use the built in cars defroster.

I never used those sprays. I’m just uncomfortable spraying a chemical that eats ice onto any surface of my vehicle. Sweep off loose snow, scrape off any ice, and the defroster should handle the rest in relatively short order.

Hmmm…makes me wonder. When I grew up in Europe, it was actually illegal to drive with a mountain of snow on your car. Yet, I see cars here in the US doing it all the time. I don’t think I ever did, unless it built up while I was driving, but I’ve been showered before when a hill fell off someone else’s car. Really pi$$*& me off, too.

Having grown up in Buffalo, I’ve never seen anyone use any spray-on product to remove snow and ice. We always used ice scrapers while the car warmed up.

It’s illegal to drive like that in NH as well. Too many innocent people have crashed into pieces of ice that flew off the roof of the vehicle in front of them.

Like Chassios, I’m uncomfortable with sprays. I worry about my paint.

They have plenty of snow problems in Germany, and it’s also illegal (not to mention wasteful) to let the motor idle while you scrape away at the outside. So, since that’s where I grew up and learned to drive, that’s what I’ve always done. Sweep, scrape if required, then get in, start, and usually you can drive within a minute or so.

I enjoy getting into a warm car after scraping ice off my windshield, so I let it run for a few minutes, which is where my remote starter comes in.

Far too often though, I see people leaving the parking lot at work with snow piled up and just the clearing their wipers gave them

The best way without a garage is to get a piece fabric such as canvas and cover the windshield with that. Then you just pull the canvas off and the ice and snow comes with it. Those sprays don’t work all that well over large areas and are expensive. In Minnesota at least, you need to clear the snow off the roof, hood, and trunk too. Snow on the roof will slide down and cover the rear window.

I took my drivers test in our 61 Merc in a snow storm and had to stop several times to clear off the roof and rear window now that I think about it.

If you’re talking about the deicer sprays in a can, they do work–basically you’re spraying alcohol on the windshield, so it works the same as if you were to just use up a lot of your washer fluid clearing the ice. A waste of money in my opinion, though they could be useful if you need to immediately clear ice from your windshield, such as when you’re running late for something. Probably all brands are about the same.

There are a few benefits to living in the south. I haven’t used up the bag of driveway de-icer that I bought 3 years ago and last winter was a record breaker for cold and ice. Maybe I can forget the bills for my AC this summer as I read about the ice and snow that so many of you will “enjoy.”

Ice and Snow won’t kill you or destroy your home if properly built and maintained…However those Tornado’s and Hurricanes you get in the South…You can be safe in your home sleeping when a Tornado comes along and destroys your home and kills you while you sleep…I’ll take Ice and snow any day of the week.

I guess I’m pushing my luck hanging around here year after year with all the storms. The weather in Oakland was great but after fighting the traffic on the MacArthur freeway for a couple of years the occasional storms in the south began to look quite acceptable. So far so good.

RainX makes one. It’s orange in a gallon jug.
I’ve never tried it, though I sell it for 4.99.

Here’s the trouble with that.
The people who rely on spraying to de-ice …
are generally the SAME people who do not make any effort to remove snow or ice from their rear and side windows, mirrors or lights and actually believe they’re driving safely by only seeing out the space on the windshield left by the wipers.

Invest in the miniscule few minutes it takes to clean the back and side windows and any snow accumulation from the roof, hood, head lights and tail lights.
you’ll be glad you do.