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Best snow brush

Hey all!

Just curious what type of snow brush you all use to remove snow from your darker colored vehicles? I had been using the traditional nylon brush (very lightly not to scratch my paint), but came across a “snowbrum.” Has anyone used one of these? If so, do they work well? It says it won’t scratch the paint…?

Just curious if you all could recommend a good brush. We just picked up a 2nd Mazda CX-5 (in black) 2019. Our 2017 is white, so I am not as worried.

Thanks everyone!

I think anything has the potential to scratch the paint, as you’re dragging dirt across it, no matter what the brush is made of. I do agree with using a light touch.

I like the extendable OXO snow brush with the twisting head. It removes snow effectively, so at least you’re minimizing the number of times you have to brush across the paint.

I use a regular straw broom, but love my brush scraper with a brass blade for stuff on the wind sheild. I even do other peoples windows at work when their plastic scraper works as well as, well you give me an analogy.

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Works about as well as sending a man to a gynecologist. :nerd_face:


I use my electric leaf blower to remove light snow off my car in the morning.There is absolutely no contact with the paint.For heavy snow, a regular snow brush with a scraper at the end is my choice.

This morning our temperature stayed in the low 70’s over-night and then it’s going to warm up today (80’s).

I don’t have a snow brush here, but if it ever does snow I’m thinking of using some fallen palm fronds as a brush.:grin:


Thank you CSA, I know my friends up north appreciate it when I post comments of that nature.

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I will probably never forget a sight that I saw, back in the '60s:
Overnight, we had a fairly substantial snowfall, and in the morning, our next-door neighbor sent his 10 year old son out to clear the snow from their nearly-new Pontiac.

The kid slid an aluminum snow shovel across the hood and the trunk!

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On a serious note. Just looked at the Snow Brum. To me it looks like it has the potential of scratching your paint if any abrasive materials are in or under the snow.
Check out some of the higher quality brushes made for boats. Gel coat is much softer than automotive paint. Or as far as that goes, soft car wash brushes.

“Sorry” to everybody in snow country. Every time I make such awful comments I tell myself, “Self, you really have to stop doing that!” But, I can’t help myself. The devil made me do it. :woozy_face: I’ve made a lot of lousy decisions in my life, but buying a “winter condo” in the Sun Coast/Gulf region was the best one I ever made and makes up for most of the bad ones. My wife and I are in an Endless Summer mode.

If it helps, to those in snow regions, I got a little too warm on my early morning cardio bicycle trip and was sweating when I got back. So, see, it’s not all fun and games here either.

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I won’t use anything but my SnowDog IceBlaster 7000®

From Tim the Toolman Taylor?

I always used a plain-ol’ corn-straw broom (like you’d use to sweep the sidewalk in the summer) for that when I lived at a ski resort town in Colorado. The long-ish handle made it a particularly handy geometry for my truck, but I used it on my VW Rabbit too. Some neighbors with larger vehicles used nylon bristle push-brooms. I can’t say I ever noticed any damage to the finish on either of my vehicles due to brooms. If that sort of thing worries you, be sure to apply wax twice a year. The wax might get marked a little by the broom, but should buff out ok.

Last winter, somehow I figured the ingenious idea to try my new bettery-powered leaf-blower to remove a fresh snow on the car, sure enough with an idea to avoid scratching the finish.
I’ve immediately received all that snow blown back to my face and returned back to corn-straw broom, similar to @George_San_Jose1 :slight_smile:


Not that brand but same design for 18 years now. Wouldn’t use anything else since I discovered it. So easy to remove heavy snow quickly, especially from roof of SUV and van.

Since I’m in the garage most of the time, I seldom need a snow brush, but still I like just the cheap kind with a wooden handle and a plastic scraper and brush. It’s lite to use and easy to store. Now the wife likes the fat plastic tube type that is kind of designer. Clearing ice off the RDX though last week, I found it wasn’t long enough for me to reach the whole windshield. I usually take along a little folding stool to stand on but didn’t this time. Yeah I’m not getting any taller but the cars are. I need a step ladder to clean the roof. For heavy snow when the car was outside, I’d actually just use a push broom from the garage. Never had any scratches.

The best little scraper I ever saw though was from a shop design project at the local Vo-Tec. It was a round disc about 6" molded plastic with a knob in the center. Worked slick but have no idea where it went 20 years ago, and they aren’t sold anywhere. Just a give-away on the tour. You’d still need a snow brush though.

I have a large SnoBrum, it works as advertised, with that said it seems to be priced higher than what you’d think it would be given the materials involved.

A simple garage takes care of issue. I never realized what I was missing not having a garage until my job had underground parking.

Snow brushes are occasional part of my life but not often.

Which issue? We just now got back from the beach on nearby beautiful Anna Maria Island on the Gulf. I went in the ocean 3 separate times and soaked up a lot of sun. It’s 80 degrees here.

I had to laugh while I was sitting at the beach. My cell phone received a AAA Alert for a Winter Weather Advisory at Northern Home until 7:00 a.m. on 01/31/18. That’s the other issue.

I can’t go to the beach, bike ride, or play golf in my garage! Ha, ha,…

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Yeah but you can’t fish on the ice at 80 degrees.

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