Best Rubbing Compound for black tire marks - Perfect-It EX AC Rubbing Compound 36060?

Need advice on rubbing compound that will buff out paint and black tire marks on the front fender, doors, and rear quarter. A friend of mine got sandwiched between a car that swerved into the side of his car on the highway and pushed it into the guard rail. The side of the car is dented (not taking them out) and has paint and black tire marks down one side. The other side is mostly dented with some scrape marks. Everything works, just looking to make the car look better, not even close to best, let alone perfect. Bought some Perfect-It EX AC Rubbing Compound 36060. Is there a better choice?

I use 3m perfectik. It’s as good as anything but need a machine buffer for anything large. I’d try a solvent like tar or wax remover first, And maybe the clay bar with a plastic scraper. Then finish with the buffer.

Try WD-40 to remove tire marks. Rubbing compound is for scratches, but if you just can’t get them out, rubbing compound will. The result will show swirl marks. If you care, buff with a polishing compound.

As for " best" all well known brands work well. I like 3M or Meguires products but those are commonly available where I live.

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Have you checked on paintless dent repair? They often do a surprisingly good job for a reasonable price, especially if you’re not after perfection.

Might try a little gasoline and a clean cotton cloth. Excellent solvent. It will dissolve the paint too if left on for too long, or scrubbed too hard, so caution in order. Caution in order about gasoline fire hazard as well, no open flames, fire extinguisher at the ready , etc. Common gasoline safety applies. Clean area w/soap and water afterward.

If there are places where paint is scratched off, I would have those touched up soon. It doesn’t take long for rust so set in and orange stains to run down from them. Before long there could be a hole. The sooner it’s done the less work it takes.

Just to add, depending on the dents on the other side, a toilet plunger works good to pull dents out on a flatter or low crown panel. Not on a crease, but more like a door or quarter panel.

Curious, why not let the body shop handle everything?

Because just removing the tire marks will make it “look better”. That’s all that matters😂

Ah, but circular tire marks on one side, rail damage on the other makes your car look like you had been racing at the Darlington Raceway.

Battle scars, very manly. Lol

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Well it would be a very quiet day here if everyone just hired someone to do everything. Especially during a shortage of people working. But it is pretty quiet anyway having to dredge up ten year old conversations.

Another commonly available solvent is acetone. It is often sold as nail polish remover and should work to remove the tire marks. If they don’t come off immediately, press the wetted cloth on the marks and hold it there for a while. You might have to rewet the cloth or paper towel a few times to soften the marks enough to wipe them away. Let the cloth or paper towel dry completely before throwing it in the outdoor trash. I also wear gloves when working with solvents.

Thanks. That’s what I did. Went to buy tar remover and the clerk was a former body shop owner. He too suggested acetone.


If you have extra acetone, it works pretty good as a rust-penetrant too. To loosen stuck bolts. Generally for that purpose, used in combo with auto trans fluid, google will provide recipe.