2000 Lincoln Town Car -- Your Thoughts?

I looked at a 2000 Town Car Signature Series yesterday – 93K miles. I could not believe how solid this car felt – build and finish. Interior was incredible, very comfortable. I have never looked at a Lincoln before. Has anyone owned one of these?

Not a Town Car, but I’ve owned a Crown Victoria and a Grand Marquis, which are built on the same platform. These are big, solid, reliable cars; very comfortable and marvelous highway cruisers. In addition, the AC works better than any other vehicle I’ve ever been in.

Best of all, they are inexpensive to buy and maintain. I never had any significant problems with my Crown Vic or the Grand Marquis. Routine maintenance is all they usually need.

The Town Car may be just what you’re looking for, and we know you’ve been looking at LOTS of cars.

My brother is a big man and Lincoln Town Cars fit him best. He’s had several over the years and they are fine cars. They are generally “bulletproof” cars. Probably the most reliable and longest lasting cars Ford has ever built. In New Jersey they are the favorite of Limo companies and they keep repainting them and racking up the miles.

Agree with Uncle Turbo. I spend a lot of time riding in them since the local airport limo company uses them and the drivers tell me they are very reliable. They have another division that uses Impalas for taxi service; these cars are not nearly as good, according to the drivers.

Since many of the parts are common with the Crown Vic and Mercury Grand Marquis, repairs and parts should not be expensive. This is one large car I can easily recommend! Finally the police love their Crown Vics, and will weep when the last one is taken off the road.

Built on the “panther” platform, they are one of the best cars on the road as your test drive demonstrated. You can save some money by buying a Grand Marquis which is virtually the same car. Taxis routinely get 350K miles out of them. They deliver amazing mileage out on the open road where their comfort and quiet excels. The ONLY weakness I can think of is the air suspension common in Lincolns, less so in Crown Vics. If it craps out (the airbags start leaking) they can be replaced with standard coil springs fairly easily…

Well, Oldsfan, you’ve done it - after a number of your questions on good looking, but questionable older cars, you’ve hit a home run! Given everything you’ve indicated you’d like in a car, the Lincoln would be a perfect fit, and a great car, besides. I’ve driven a number, and always come away impressed.

I personally have never driven a Town Car but I think one would be a great choice. Do they all have air suspension?

I don’t think they all have air suspension. Not sure, though.

Yes, the Lincolns all have RAS but the suspension is rear air unlike on all four corners like the Lincoln Contis and Marks. It is really pretty reliable. The rear air suspension gives a nice ride loaded or not because the springs are very progressive rate. It will last a lot longer if the dryer, mounted on the pump below the air filter box, is changed periodically. The interval would depend on your climate. In Tucson, never. In the Gulf South, maybe every 5-7 years would be good. In addition, pay attention to problems like the RAS trouble light going on and the rear sagging if parked for some time. Little leaks turn into big problems by introducing moisture (from pumping too often and overwhelming the dryer) and wearing out the pump.

Crown Victorias and Grand Marquis have RAS as an option. They also have many fewer electronic doodads than the Town Car. The extra 6" in the Town Car is in the back seat leg area and makes them somewhat more difficult to park. I would go for one of the shorter cars in a dual exhaust model.

BEADS, are you sure the town car is longer than a Crown Vic? They look smaller but I figured they were the same length.

Yes, they are [longer].

When you see dual exhausts on a Vic or Marq, it means the car is equipped with the HPP, high-performance package, 225hp instead of 210 and a mild handling upgrade. If you want the Full Monte, look for a Vic with the P71 (police) package.

let me ask this; Does Lincoln have other models that are shorter? I don’t mean the LS.

I know what you mean about them looking smaller, even though they aren’t. When they went from the boxier style to the rounded off style, it looked much smaller, even though the dimensions were practically identical. Some sort of optical illusion…

I did a little research and found that a Crown Vic is 215.4 in length while the '09 Lincoln Signature Limited is 215.4 and the Signature L is 221.4, 6 inches longer.
Wheel base is 115, 117.7 and 123.7 respectivley. So I believe the Signature Limited is the same length as the Crown Vic.

Man, the TCs sure LOOK longer to me and they sure are longer. They have the same, longer transmission tail shaft as the police cars. The Police cars have, in turn, a shaft shorter then the other Crown Victorias (aluminum or MMC) driveshaft to reduce vibration at higher speeds because they have a 3.27 or 3.55 rear compared to 2.73. The handling an performance package cars also share the lower axle ratios and lower diameter torque converter, but not the special driveshaft. They are restricted to a lower speed by the PCM.

No, there are no RWD Lincolns that are shorter and relatively new. The Mark(s) were RWD, but have not been made in some time and I think that their air suspensions were problematic.

No way I would recommend a police car for someone that likes the Town Car ride and equipment. You have to be weighed down with at least 600 # before they even start to settle in. Even then they will tend to skitter around on bumpy pavement because the springs are so stiff. If you want to go curb jumping on the other hand… There are no arm rests, plastic floors and rear seats, aftermarket vomit and urine in the back,… They are not that special in terms of the drive train either. Until from at least 1992 to 2004, IIRC, any dual exhaust model will have the same power. After 2004 the intake tract is a little special for maybe 20 extra ponies.

Info on equipment and model year changes can be found at:


O.P., I am just suggesting that you try the Crown Vic or Grand Marquis. They are not as fancy, but have a similar ride (especially the rear air suspension models) to the Town Car. They can be had for a lot less money. If you like the Town Car better, don’t let the extra length hold you back.

You can find lots of info at www.crownvic.net or www.lincolnsonline.com

Yeah, OP don’t let the extra length bother you. I went back and checked the 2006 Vic and found that they are 212 inches long, 3 inches shorter than an "09 Signature Limited. And the wheelbase is 2 inches longer on the '09 Signature Limited. I am going to try to find the spects on an earlier Lincoln.
The best I can find, the Lincoln is about 3 1/2 inches longer than a Vic or Merc. The Signature “L” is 6 inches longer than that.