Best options for a spare tire

I just purchased a 2020 Mitsubishi Outlander and they don’t come with a spare tire and well I would prefer having one. So what are the best way to address this issue. I don’t want a donut, and plan on keeping the tire in the back as I don’t use the third row seats so have plenty of room to put a spare. Also any suggestions on possible ways to secure the tire so should an accident happen it does not become a projectile in the car. Any advise would be great…

An auto recycling yard should be able to provide you with a full size tire and wheel.



Secure with cargo straps.


Some vehicles still have a place a spare tire would go, now used for storage. What about yours?

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Ratchet strap the tire to the back seat, don’t forget the jack and tools and away to R&R the wheel… Spare does NO good if you can’t put it on… lol

As mentioned a salvage yard should be able to help with all or some of what you need, otherwise you can check with a place that sells hubcaps and replacement wheels and get a used/reconditioned wheel from them and then a cheap tire somewhere…

Unfortunetly this car does not provide a location to “store” the spare. I think it has a jack and such but I am assuming that AAA has that equipment that unless I am somewhere they can’t get, I now longer change tires, I pay for them to handle that should it occur. On the straps, what do I strap it to as I dont see any place to secure to.

If you don’t see something like this in the rear cargo area floor, you should be able to add them, I would think:

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If you could post some photos of the storage area that would help.,eto:15298435311155076016_0,pid:15298435311155076016&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwi7mIKIwYOEAxVpjYkEHSleBkYQ9pwGCAU


Worst case put the tire upright against the back of the rear seat and run the strap around the seat… You did say it is not used…

Is your vehicle a PHEV??

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Looks like the cargo area has anchor points for a cargo net in the corners but probably not strong enough for a spare tire.

The car may not have been designed to accommodate a spare tire.

I’m a fan of having a spare tire myself. However, in your case, I’d make sure I had a plan or a way to secure the spare tire before even trying to find one.

You might also look on eBay, should you figure out a way to secure the tire.

Yes I like having a spare but the only time I have used the space saver in the last 30 years has been while I rotated my tires in the garage. With tpms my last three nails were just repaired at a shop. Two I drove down with and the last one I just took the tire off in the garage and took it to a shop. Of course blow outs happen but they are very rare. Middle of the night far from home, you’ll need a new tire anyway.

Edit I do remember blowing a tire out 200 miles from home and using the space saver for the ten miles to a shop. Got there just before closing and bought a used tire. So I do like having a spare

So I guess I would rethink having a space saver instead of a full size and try to stow it where you can out of the way.

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If you’d rather place the spare on the outside, ask your local trailer-hitch installation shop if it might be possible to install a hitch on your vehicle, then buy one of the many hitch-spare tire mount kits.

Does that put it underneath the back end of the car?

Yes, Testers posted bracket mounts the tire under the car.

Look under the back of the car. Is there a spare tire there? Is there space for one? That carrier will allow one to be mounted IF there is space.

Now lift the carpet in the rear of the vehicle… is there a spare there? Is there space for one?

I am absolutely flabbergasted that a vehicle, other than a 2-seater sports car, would not only fail to include a spare tire, but fail to include space to store one. And I am even more flabbergasted that people would agree to purchase such a vehicle. This would be a deal-breaker for me. Then again, there is probably no vehicle built since 2008 or so that I would ever buy, due to too many features that I find unacceptable.

I have to agree with you. Although needing a spare is rare and still might not avoid a tow or day in a hotel, I still would want one. I rented a three door something or other, Honda or Toyota. When I found the manual in the trunk, it was along with a can of fix a flat. Gotta be kidding.

I agree too. all cars should come with a spare tire. unfortunately, in my new car they decided to put the battery and stereo speaker subs where the tire should go. I went out and bought a spare tire kit from Modern Spare just in case.


It doesn’t sit well with me either. On the subject of buying one without a spare, I don’t think I’ve ever checked. It’s just not a thing I’m thinking about, but just b/c I’ve spent my whole driving life (40 yrs-ish) on the assumption that a spare is a normal thing.

On the subject of manufacturers dropping the spare, at least some of it had to do with shaving off as much weight as possible from cars to maximize fuel efficiency. Sometimes it also has to do w/ cars coming equipped with run-flats. In addition, the need for the spare is rare, and it’s very common for people to carry a road-side assistance service (like AAA, but check out GoodSam).

As for me, in 40ish years of driving (and plenty of miles - well more than a million, probably well more than 2 million) I’ve had to change a tire on the side of the road ONCE (i.e. rare). BUT, I always want a spare and try to get rid of the donut when I can to replace it with a full sized wheel/tire.

Speaking of such things…when’s the last time any of you actually checked your spare? How old is it anyway? And does it even have any air in it? Most people ignore it…