Best color for a Corvette (C4) --1985-89 models in particular

Do you prefer white, black, blue (aqua), yellow, red, or other color?


Don’t Forget Silver!

I’m not sure it’s my favorite, but it’s the color of jet aircraft, looks fast and sporty.

If this car is going to used as a “chick magnet” then maybe you need to poll chicks.

White stands up to sunlight the best, but really does not look as good in that body style. Besides, few corvettes spend much time parked in the sun.

I think that red looks best on that body style.

On the current body style, which I really like, any dark color looks great.

I HATE White or Black cars.

This is so subjective…Why do you care what color people like? It’s YOUR car…buy the color YOU LIKE…Not what other people like.

I’d go with red or yellow. But as I mentioned in your previous post, consider a 91-up model with the LT1 engine, it’s a much better engine.

Dark or bright, aggressive colors look best to me on fast, sporty cars. I wouldn’t be caught dead in a white vette of any vintage. I also hate that Cortez silver color they used. I changed the color on an all original '68 L89 because I hate that silver color on 'em.

Yellow is the factory race team color.

For that car…yellow!

You can’t go wrong with red, although you will need to wax it more often if you live in a sunny climate. Red and black paint jobs take a lot of punishment from the sun. But hey, a Vette is supposed to be fun, not practical! My second choice is yellow.

Canary yellow!!!

Don’t you mean Champion yellow? :slight_smile: